2020 Dec 2

All You Need to Organize the Best New Year Office Party


We all love a good office party. But often we underestimate how much work it really is. Organizing a good corporate party that will bring joy to the team and inspires them to do their best in the upcoming year is an art form: it needs to be mastered.

So, at the forefront of the upcoming New Year holidays, we’ve decided to help you out with the organization of your organizations’ biggest party of the year.

Here are some ideas you can use for the upcoming New Year celebration to make it the best one.

Do you even need an office party, really?

Well, let’s see what we got here.

There are many reasons you would want to have a corporate event:

1. It boosts your employee motivation
2. Helps promote your brand as a cool place to work for
3. Validates your employees
4. Great team-building activity
3. And… it’s just overall fun

It makes your company a better place to work. And let’s be honest there is no better time to organize a cool office party than the New Year.

Set a budget

As with everything, including New Year gifts and parties, price isn’t everything.

To make it easier to plan the party however we would recommend knowing what the price is. By having the budget, it will be easier for you to make other decisions. That way, you will know what you need to be opting for without worrying about money. After all, it’s possible to organize a memorable office party, even with a small budget.

To make things even easier, set up a separate budget for each category. Think about how much you are ready to spend on the venue, decorations, and entertainment. That way, the planning will become much easier.

Don’t want to repeat past mistakes?

Then you can send out a quick survey and tell your colleagues about the options you have at hand. Also, if you had organized a party last year — now it is time to put that data back to use. You might get something truly valuable.

Pick a themePeople having fun at a party

How you might ask? Well, it is not us who you should be asking. Remember that the main goal is to make sure that everyone, or at least as many people as possible, enjoy their time at the party. That means you might try to learn in advance about the preferences of your employees.

Don’t shy away from being a little adventurous, but of course, keep it appropriate. Carnaval, TV show inspired, and the holiday season inspired themes often work really well.

There are many office party ideas you can lose your inspiration. It is a cool way to spice up the event and make it feel more special.

Distribute roles

You need not do it all alone. Instead of trying to get the whole thing going (especially if you don’t have an HR department), you can distribute the roles between your coworkers. Not only it will make people feel more engaged in the process but also turn the event into a team-building activity, and that is always nice.

Before you do, however, make sure people don’t dread it. Either give a role to everyone, rotate the positions from year to year, or pick someone who enjoys doing it. Random generators also work well.

By increasing everyone’s stakes, you will make sure everyone is interested in the event’s success.

Play Secret Santa

Secret Santa gift for the New Year office party

It is not as common for many countries to celebrate the coming of New Year by playing Secret Sants, but in the West, it is a common practice, and understandably so. It is much easier to buy a present for someone than for the entire team or even a small circle of friends.

The present need not be large or very expensive. It can be something as simple as a custom mug.

To make it even better, set up a budget beforehand. That way you will make sure the present fits everyone’s budget, and there isn’t much difference between the prices of presents.

Contribute to a charity

If the New Year is about anything, it is about giving and sharing. And nothing reflects that spirit better than sharing what you have with the people in need.

Of course, if you want to make it special and office party-worthy, don’t make it only about money. Ask your employees to donate their old stuff and clothes. We assure you most of them will be happy to make it happen.

If your team is adventurous and wouldn’t mind having a hand-on experience with the work, you can volunteer to repair an elderly house or plant trees. There are many options if being charitable is the way you want to celebrate your New Year.

At the end of the world, what’s good for the world is good for each and every one of us!

Change the office

New Year star-form office decoration

If you can’t afford a fancy restaurant but still want to show your employees how much you appreciate them, you can host apart at your office instead.

Sure, they spend a lot of time there already and might not be very excited about the prospect of spending one more, but if you do everything right, it shouldn’t matter.

To make it exciting, you can change up the layout of your office. You should also use simple and affordable decorations to make the place feel different, even if it is just for a day.

Then it all up to your imagination. You can bring table games and organize a game night New year, host a movie night, or prepare special food, and drinks. You can even organize and an in-office scavenger hunt. It is always fun!

Ditch the party format

While formal evenings are surely something that can be fun, it should not be the only option. If you feel enjoy going to a restaurant and dressing up is not quite your team’s thing, you can plan something else instead.

How about going on a picnic and celebrating your office party? You can also go to a sporting event or organize one for your team. You can go skiing, playing bowling, or go to an attraction park.

All those formats have something special and will help you become a better part of people’s day.

Follow safety measures

There is no way of having a New Year party now without remembering about safety measures. If there must be lots of people, staff, friends or family invited, all have to be ensured that they are safe and in a protective environment.

Don’t let your people forget about wearing a face mask or a face shield, especially when they don’t feel so well. Measure the temperature of everyone before starting the celebration. You can even order some personalized safety equipment for the members. Have it customized with your staff’s or company’s characteristics and be sure all are protected and are having fun!

Now, let’s get down to business

People playing with fireworks

Hopefully, our little list has inspired you to look into you have been celebrating the New Year at your company. Change the way you celebrate your office party and make it special — we are sure the work will pay off.

But just with anything, remember that the priority should be your employees and then having a good time.