2018 Dec 14

The Best New Year Gift Ideas for 2019


The New Year season is almost here! For many of us, it means it is time to start looking for presents. Most of the time, of course, it is something exciting, but it can also be extremely stressful. You want the gifts you give to show you love them and are always ready to go the extra mile to make them feel happy. The best New Year Gift Ideas for 2019 are here!

At Dubaiprint.com we want to take the pain out of the gift-giving process. That is why we have compiled a list of creative presents that you can order and customize to your needs right now. We believe that customized presents are the best options since they can be tailored to the person you are gifting them too. And what can beat that?

Customized and Ready-Made Mugs

We start with the simplest present that never disappoints. You can turn a mug into whatever you want. If your friends is a big fan of a TV-show or sports team, they will be beyond happy to get a custom mug with the image. It will stay with them for the longest time as the physical proof of your love and care.

The best thing about mugs is that they not only show attention. They are useful presents that many of us use in our everyday life. It is one of the best new year gift ideas for 2019 one can think of. Decorate the mug with Christmas patterns or nice wishes to make it feel even more special.

Personalized Photo Book

Another great New Year gift idea is personalized photo books. You can capture beautiful memories you have created with your loved ones and friends in the creative photo book. Use them to remind the person you are gifting it to about their achievements, and inspire them to get even more done in the upcoming year. It is a sentimental present that will not leave anyone indifferent.

A personalized photo book will stay with the person forever, and so will the memories of you. If you want to give something that will make them feel appreciated there is not anything better.

Photo Canvases

If you want something more original, then a cool photo canvas is what you are looking for. Do some research, find out the favorite paintings of your friends and gift it on New Year’s Eve. If your friends like beautiful artworks, we assure you – they are going to love it! The best gift ideas for 2019 should make the most out of the digital technologies that we have. Only think of it, how awesome it is that we can recreate any painting from the past that does not give in quality to the original. It is almost magical.

If you do not want to gift them a painting, how about printing a mutual photograph? It is a great way to capture mutual memories. Not only it will remind them of the time you spend together but also act as a pretty decoration that they will always have around.

Photo Frames With Easel

Some people say that photo frames are in the past. However, the truth is, they are more valuable now whenever before. In reality in the digital era, when we take so many photos that they start losing their value, the few photos you put in the frame make the memories even more special. They help highlight special memories that we often forget about in our hectic world.

So, custom photo frames are one of the best new year gift ideas for 2019. Not only you can decorate them with fun Christmas patterns, but also customize them with images that feel more personal. It is a creative gift that you will not manage to find anywhere else.

VR Cardboard Kit V2

If your friend is less traditional and would appreciate a more innovative gift, then consider printing a custom-made VR cardboard kit. They are simple yet fascinating. By ordering a VR kit with custom patterns from the person’s favorite game or show you will give them a gift that will raise a smile on their face.

It is an unexpected present that can surprise even the pickiest person. The VR Cardboard Kit that you can order at Dubaiprint.com is compatible with both iOS and Android. The person can carry it anywhere and share it with their friends.


Another simple present that you can customize to make anyone happy is coasters. They will make a great addition to any present you have already prepared. If you know what to give and are just looking for something that will make the present more special, then a customized coaster is what you are looking for.

It is a multipurpose present that you can gift anyone. Print a fun message that will make a friend smile every time they pick it up or use the space to wish them a happy year. Custom coasters are like a white canvas that can be anything you want them to be.


Are you looking for a present for a kid? Or maybe you know that someone likes toys? Then think of gifting them a DToy. It is definitely among the best New Year gift ideas for 2019, because of how versatile and original it is. The kids and young-spirit adults will like the present equally much.

The best thing about DToys is that everything about them is cool. It is not only fun to have one around — but assembling it is also an enjoyable experience. It is a creative eco-friendly gift that anyone can enjoy.

At Dubaiprint.com you can order all of those presents and customize them to your needs. Our online printing platform was created with you and your interest in minds. If you are looking for a present New Year to gift your loved ones and friends, then consider browsing through the wide selection of printable products available on our website. Contact us if you have any question or want to learn more. We will be happy to answer all of your questions!

We Wish You Happy New Year!