2018 Dec 19

How to decorate your office for New Year


The best thing about New Year is the memories and the moments you get to share with people you care about. However, not everyone around you might feel the same way. It is often particularly difficult to get offices excited about the upcoming holidays season since everyone is busy their work, and all the holiday-related celebrations feel more like a bother than anything.

If you are thinking of how to decorate your office for New Year and help everyone get into the New Year spirit, then you might use a helping hand. So, here are 5 ideas that you can use to make everyone around feel a little more excited about the upcoming holiday season.

Set up a Secret Santa box

You have probably heard about the Secret Santa. It is hard to consider it a ‘New Year’ decoration that you can decorate your office with, but it will certainly help to create a happier mood. The game gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and rightly so. The best thing about the Secret Santa is that not only everyone will get a gift from their co-workers, but it is also a fun way to get to know each other better.

Of course, you might think that choosing a present for a person is drowning. But the truth is as long as it shows that you care about the person it is a great present. There are plenty of gifts that you can customize to the person you are gifting it to.

Try to Avoid Banalities

We all know about New Year trees and New Year lights. But how about making this year a little more special and ordering holiday stickers instead of using tinsels? Or how about having a D-Board Christmas Tree instead of the plastic one? Those changes might not feel like a big deal, but they certainly make this year’s New Year feel a little more special.

Besides, there are so many ways you can use customize stickers to decorate your office space and get ready for the New Year season that we are sure that each of you will have a reason to put them to use. Why not use custom stickers to distribute them to your customers as a nice bonus? Or print our funny messages that everyone in the office would be happy to have around? In other words, the only limit is your imagination. There is no doubt whether you are going to enjoy it or not — they certainly will.

Prepare Thematic Decorations

How about choosing a theme and decoration the office for the New Year around that theme? Having a topic for the decorations this year will not only spice up your office but also make it easier for everyone to design. If there are many younger members in your team, you can let them choose a topic, or open it up for a vote. Then leave some of the decorating materials right in the office for the people who might be reluctant to start to design their space. If you want to make the location extra special, you can even print out a character stand from the show to everyone’s amusement. They would love taking photos with the stand, and you will make the location feel even more special.

Turn in Holiday Tunes

Again not a decoration per se, but music can certainly make everyone feel excited about the upcoming New Year. We believe, it is one of the best ways to remind everyone about the exciting holiday season. Christmas music brings up warm memories, and it is almost magical how music can make anyone feel a little happier. So, why not use the magical power of Christmas carols to your advantage and ‘decorate’ the office with the beautiful tunes? Of course, some people might not like the music (or pretend like they do not), but if you are not intrusive about it, chances are they are not going to be against it.

The good news is you do not even need to create a playlist yourself. There is plenty of cool playlists online with local and international music. You can also print out the lyrics and help people sing along. We promise you in a week your entire office will be singing along the lyrics, and there is nothing that feels quite like that. There is nothing that can help to decorate your office for New Year as happy singing of your employers and co-workers.

Let the Office Know What is Going on in the City

Working in an office that looks pretty and festive is twice as pleasant. So, how about decorating the location with posters and Christmas paintings? If you are going for a classier look and want the location to look cleaner and more stylish, then motivational or decorative posters is what you are looking for.

The great thing about them is that you do not need to keep around for only a couple of days. If you print out your brand message or print out motivational quotes, you not only can keep the posters around even when holidays are over but also use them to reinforce your corporate message.

If you want your employers to feel welcome in your space and have been thinking how to decorate your office for New Year to make everyone feel a little happier about the upcoming season, then Dubaiprint.com will be happy to help you out. You find all the products mentioned above and even more on our website. So, if you want to entrust the decoration of your office to the people who know their job and will execute all the prints flawlessly you are looking for us.

Happy Upcoming Year!