2019 Nov 11

Small Gifts for Men that Will Last an Eternity


Think about the best gift you have ever gotten. While you had probably received plenty, we are confident that the ones you remember the best you have an emotional connection with. It needs not to be expensive, big, or rare — what matters so much more is the thought behind it.  Small gifts for men can make a big difference.

With International Men’s Day approaching, you are probably looking for THAT kind of present for your loved one, friend, or colleague, and you can find it here. We have compiled a list of small gifts for men that can be used for any occasion but are especially appropriate now when International Men’s Day is right around the corner.

Before we share the list, though, let’s first understand what the celebration is all about and why it is important.

When is International Men’s Day?

International Men’s Day, also known as IMD, is an international event that, in most countries, is celebrated on November 19. Since the first time in 1992, we have celebrated it every year. IMD is different from Father’s Day, which falls at the end of June.

Small Gifts for Men

On the day, the world honors men’s contribution to the community, family, and marriage. Yet, the attention is not only given to the celebration of manhood but also conversations about critical social issues. One of the main objectives of IMD is raising awareness about men’s and boys’ health, promoting gender equality, and highlighting the importance of right role models. Over 80 countries have admitted its importance of addressing those questions and using the day to promote those messages.

Now, when you understand the important role your man, friend, dad, or brother plays in moving the world forward, you probably want to acknowledge their contribution to your life.  There are thousands of ways to go about it, and in this article, we will show you only one — the way of presents.

So, let’s dive into the list full of small gifts for men, guaranteed to make your man’s day 1000 times happier.

Socks… Happy socks

Socks are a classic gift. So much so, they often get a bad reputation for being too banal and predictable. But well, they should not be. They are practical, affordable, and they can be fun!

Happy socks

There are thousands of great options you can find online or in any retail shop. Choose the one that will fit the personality of the giftee the best. Do they like a band? Appreciate a good joke? Or maybe they love animals? There is a sock pair somewhere out there that would fit them perfectly.

Grooming kit

Support the good habit of your dad, friends, husband, or brother by gifting them a grooming kit on this special day. That way, their beards and mustaches will always look on point.

Grooming kit

Choose a beautiful set that they can carry with themselves when traveling and the one they would be just happy to use every day. They will both look groomed and feel fabulous — a double win if you ask us.

Board games

Board games are back in fashion, and we could not be happier! Not only it is probably one of the best ways to spend time but also a great small gift that will leave the giftee speechless and entertained for hours. What makes them even better is that they are social, which means they can play it together. It will help you build better relationships and have a fun time with each other.

Board games

There isn’t one game we can recommend: it all depends on the taste of your friends, brother, or husband. Look through the selection of board games available on the Internet and pick the one that would speak to them the most. And the next time, when you gather a party, you will always have something to do.

Frame it

One of the small lasting gifts for men that has double power. A canvas with their favorite painting or image will remind them of you and spice up their interior. Simple, tasteful, creative, it will hold a special place in their hearts and rooms.

Small Gifts for Men

You can print your pictures if you are looking for something sentimental or just pick an image they like if you want it to be less personal. Not sure about the format? You have plenty to choose from: canvas, posters, photo books, and simple photo boards are all perfect for the occasion.

More T-shirts, please

Now, to everyone’s favorite small gifts for men and not only — T-shirts! The most useful piece of clothing that has found a way to anyone’s closet, be it a man, child, woman, kid, and even an animal. They are perfect for any weather and occasion. You can never have enough T-shirts, after all.


And International Men’s Day is the best time to go a little wild and gift the man in your life or a friend a meaningful and practical gift. You can order a T-shirt that needs no explanation, like this one for the best dad ever or just use a plain T-shirt as a canvas and print any image on it. It is all up to your imagination and giftees’ preferences.

Tech gadgets

If your man is a tech geek, gift him something he can use in his daily life. They probably already have a wishlist, full of things they have been dreaming of getting. Be the one to shorten that list.

Tech gadgets

In the age of technologies, gadgets make people’s life easier, so choose the one you know will help him in their work or daily life. If he is a gamer, you can also gift him something that would make the gaming experience more pleasant. Look through thematic lists or nonchalant ask him if he has been dreaming of any new tech… He will be happy to tell you.

Honorable mentions

And just in case you have not found the perfect small gifts for the man in your life, here is a run through the gifts that did not make it to our main list:

  • Drinking glasses: Custom mugs, beer steins, whiskey glasses
  • Tools: Swiss knife, digital tape measure, repair kit,
  • Experiences: Fun activities, concert tickets, online subscriptions, classes
  • Elegant accessories: AirPods case, bracelets, wallets
  • Food: Hot sauce sampler pack, dinner, gift box with favorite snacks
  • Things to remember: Creative travel map, framed photographs,
  • Hobby-related: Bonsai trees, ‘coffee table’ book

We hope that now you have found something that would make your husband, friends, dad, or brother happy. All things aside, remember that the most important thing for you is to show how much you care and appreciate them.

Wish them a happy International Men’s Day!