2019 Sep 7

Gift Ideas for Gamers When You Struggle to Choose One


What is something that kids, adults, and anyone in between absolutely adore? If you have read the title of the article you probably know its video games! But while everyone loves them, getting your head around cool gift ideas for gamers might be more confusing than it seems.

Let’s talk about numbers first. Video games are a hobby that, in recent years, has attracted people with different demographic backgrounds. It should not be news to you — with over 2.2 billion players worldwide, chances are you either know someone who loves playing games or are an avid player yourself.

As your true ‘gift idea generator’, in the honor of the National Video Games Day, we have decided to compile a list with the coolest things you can gift to your video-games loving friends. You can also simply treat yourself — it’s a celebration, after all.



Let’s start with the basics. If someone you know is into video games, a classic Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4, if you can afford it, will blow their minds. It is the go-to present and the first category you should look into if you want to gift something any gamer will love.

In case your friend, kid, or someone you love already has one, consider gifting something like an additional controller or a VR headset instead. They are still pretty pricey, but will definitely put you up in the ‘favorite people’ list.

Alternatively, if you have been looking just a fun thing to gift your game-loving friends or wanted to show your colleagues how fun games can be, you can order a simple cardboard VR headset.

VR Cardboard Kit V2

They are not as pricy and you can let people play around with them, without being worried whether they come back to you in two or more pieces. With the tremendous amount of content available online, you will find something that will interest everyone — no questions asked.

Accessories and peripherals

All gamers know that gaming takes quite a bit of preparation, both skill, and technology-wise. There are many ‘gadgets’ that can make the gaming process much smoother and more pleasant. And while it is often a point of frustration for gamers who might feel like they need to rub a bank to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, it is a source of infinite gift ideas for gamers.

Ready for a couple of ideas?

So, you can gift a keyboard, speakers, microphones, headset, mouse, cases, mousepads, custom mouse pads, mouse bungees, gaming chair (why not?), etc. The list can go on and on. There will definitely be something gamers will need at all times.

Mouse Pads


Official merchandise

Now, it’s a big one. The official merchandise is often beautiful, immensely expensive, and thus incredibly desirable. So if you want to treat your friend with something as special as they are, consider purchasing official merchandise!

Are they fond of a game called The Legend of Zelda? Or have they been playing Pokemon since they were 5? Maybe they are fans of Role-Playing Games and would love to get their hands around an official merch? If you know what they like, you should visit the official websites of the companies. You will be blown away with the amount of the cool stuff they sell online.

Look at the official figurines, limited series comics, and other merchandise that would get your gamer’s heart pounding. We promise — they will love it.

Mugs and other pleasantries

If the official merchandise is a little too much for you, you can go with custom made options instead.

The same rule applies — plan a little investigation and find out what their favorite fandoms are. Then choose the merchandize you think they would love to get, be it a T-shirt, a custom mug or anything in between. Choose the image or design, and here you have it!

You can never have enough of those items. As simple as they might seem to you, they can become irreplaceable to the gamer in your life.


This is a tricky one. If you know there is a game they have wanted to play in a while — go for it without hesitation. Gift it online or give a real-life copy if you so desire. But, if someone is a hardcore gamer and you have no idea what game they might have not had their hands at, this might not be the best idea. Just as with books and movies, you never know what their experience was like.

If you have found yourself in that position, there is a way out. Try gifting them a board game instead!

Chances are they will love it. Board games are just as, if not more, entertaining as video games. Bonus point: they will get to interact with real people and let their eyes rest for at least a couple of hours. It is one of the best ways to spend time with friends — that’s a jackpot if you ask us.

Online subscriptions

Since many of us are gamers, some less, some more, we would go ahead and make a bold statement that people who like games are curious people who like learning new things. If you are one of them, chances are an online subscription to a streaming service, educational website, or gaming platform will make you happy. It is one of those gift ideas for gamers that is both fun and useful.

You have plenty of websites to choose from, but consider the following options:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • PlayStation Network
  • Coursera
  • Digital gift cards

Digital cards are another cool idea, considering almost any game streaming service already has one. Who said digital is not real?

VR Cardboard Kit V2

There are plenty of gift ideas for gamers — you just need to know your gamer

The best thing about the video game industry is how diverse it is.

Every game sparks a fandom, gathering thousands, if not millions of people, uniting them around a common interest and goal. And just as many as there are fandoms, there are gift ideas. If you take the quest of finding gift ideas for gamers seriously, you will quickly realize it wasn’t all that difficult after all.

After all, video games are an unprecedented phenomenon that has given many people around the world a hobby that connects and entertains them. And it is something that should be celebrated.

Happy National Video Games Day everyone!