2018 May 14

15 Best T-Shirt Quotes to Rock


Fashion changes every season. Once every three-month new clothing collection is put on together by fashion designers around the world. A new line of dresses, skirts, spring jackets, urban clothing for men, nightgowns for women, shoes for kids, and even accessories for your favorite pet are being displayed on the catwalk by fashion models in London, Milan, New York, Berlin, and even Sibiu.

T-Shirt Quotes

T-shirt design, however, is getting less attention compared to all the other clothing. Even though T-shirts are a big part of our daily life and occupy most of our wardrobe. It is Ok because t-shirts are still loved in the world of fashion.

We have gathered ideas and quotations to print on your favorite t-shirts. You can wear and still feel that again you look at your best and rock that T-shirt. What can make you feel more unique than wearing personalized clothing with t-short quotes printed on it that makes a statement about your personality, your day or even about your funny side?

Here are 15 of our best T-Shirt Quotes ideas for your t-shirts to look both fashionable and unique. Let’s rock it!

#1 Keep Calm & Carry On Shopping

The history behind the most famous quote “Keep Calm and Carry On” comes from the year 1939 when the British Government intended to motivate the British Public after World War II and the sufferings left.

For a day, full of running around there comes a moment when you also need to motivate yourself and keep on doing what you love to do! What can work better than this famous motivational quote plus shopping? Let’s “Keep Calm & Carry on Shopping”

#2 Legends Are Born in April

It is always a hassle to get the best birthday present for your beloved ones. This is what we suggest for an upcoming birthday. This can both be unique, personalized and also fair for your budget.

We all like to identify ourselves with the month we are born in. Let’s be honest. This t-shirt will take the spot for a favorite piece of clothing in the wardrobe.

#3 Keep Calm It’s My Birthday

To carry on the subject of birthdays, why not look both casual and occasional on your own birthday. We suggest keeping calm on your birthday and by wearing this t-shirt casually let the world know that this is your birthday! Everyone appreciates positivity. Let’s celebrate our own birthday with a positive attitude.

#4 Best Mom Ever

This is that time of the year when we celebrate Mother’s Day. Why not make her smile by getting her a t-shirt to rock while stating that she is the “Best Mom Ever”? Just print it with quality on the t-shirt. We can help you out with this!

#5 I Saw That – Karma

Remind yourself and everyone else that Karma is always there and what we do matters. Rock this t-shirt with a clean Karma– Good action, good deed, good Work.

#6 Don’t Rush Me. I’m Waiting For the Last Minute

Procrastination is a friend to most of us. It is not something to get over easily. So why not make a positive joke out of it and with some fun attitude make us meet our deadlines. Those running after their deadlines not to miss them would love wearing this t-shirt.

#7 I Woke Up Like This. There’s No Way She Woke Up Like That

Some couples enjoy goofing around with one another while making it public and even more fun. Now, you both can make others smile with these quotations on your t-shirts making a positive and funny statement about your relationship. Rock these t-shirts while rocking your days together.

#8 Me? Sarcastic… Never

Have you been accused of being sarcastic? Consider it a gift and wear this t-shirt to be even more sarcastic.

#9 D.I.E.T. Did I Eat That?

Everyone is on a diet once in their lifetime! At the same time, no one enjoys being on a diet. Wear this and break the rules! Play with words to make diet more fun!

#10 Tired as a Mother

Do you also have that best friend who has recently had a baby? She tries so hard not to complain about how tired and sleepless she is, right? Get her a t-shirt with this print on to make her smile and realize that it is fashionable to be tired as a mother.

#11 Wish You Were Beer

Who doesn’t love a pint of cold beer? Play around with the most famous quotes and make your one and only laugh, knowing how much you love beer.

#12 Keep Calm And Eat Chocolate

Wiseman said that chocolate will make you keep calm and carry on! Listen to the Wiseman and rock this t-shirt. It might bring you more chocolate.

#13 I Want All The Dogs

Man’s best friend – Dog! For all those dog lovers who melt with every cute doggie they see. Wear this and spread the love!

#14 Can’t Get Out of Bed. Send Help. Or Waffles. Just Send Waffles.

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves staying in bed long after the alarm goes on! And who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? Heaven!

#15 Art is a Way of Survival

Are you a creative, art lover, the fashionable person who wants the world to know about it? See what we have got to offer to you. Wear it, State it!

We believe that even on a day when we feel more comfortable to wear t-shirts rather than a trendy top and to run around all day taking care of our hectic schedule, we can still look fashionable and unique.