2018 Jun 19

Create a Professional Photo book and Save Those Memories


Back in the days, there were photo albums in every house, highlighting the memories of that household. Some families even would be more specific and have a personalized photo book for each family member, saving photos from their childhood to their wedding. Some would even write captions for each photo, hoping those would relieve all their special moments in a frame. And this culture of photo albums has served us well for generations.

Create a Professional Photo book

For all the convenience of instant uploads and sharing of photos, we are missing out on the pleasure and joy of going through memorable bits of our lives. Now, in the times of digitalized life, why not bring this culture back through creating our own photo books online, design its layout, organize the photos and print it out.

This is the opportunity of going retro by using modern technology and we will help you create your professional photo book. This article aims to direct you towards that!

Care About Your Photos

Almost everyone, regardless of their interests, specialty or age, has most probably got a device to take photos with fair quality. Especially if you have a social media profile, the chances are even higher that you take photos quite often.

Once you take the photo and post it on your social media page, its life range lasts only for a very short time. It will be forgotten very soon, naturally. Well, there are photos that you care about more, compared to all other regular photo posts you do daily. Do you want to keep them organized, well-archived and alive? Let’s admit! The level of pleasure in displaying your special memories through a personalized photo book is high and quite joyful! It is also quite easy and fun! Just start by caring about your photos. How? Easy, again!

Make a list of categories you think all your important photos will fall under (a trip, a friendship, family gatherings, your furry pet, that fine day at the art gallery etc.) List them carefully and make sure for each category you will have at least dozens of photos selected.

Categorize only photos of fair quality, good content and personal value for yourself.
Now, you have a better picture of the real quantity of all your important and memorable photos you have spread around the online platform.

Next, it is time for these categories to turn into a story. Title them and get on selecting the type of photo book you have in mind for each photo story. It is important to have a clear final image of the photo book type you want to have in the end.

Create a Photobook Just the Way You’ve Imagined It to Be

My parents would title each photo album we had in our house – “The Wedding”, “Her First Album- 1984”, “Easter 1987”, “Happy New Year 1998”, “Chico the Cat – 2001” etc. Till this day all these labels help us find what we are looking for through our old memories way easier. Next essential part was the date – on the corner of the photo album cover, there was the date or at least the year, written with a black pen.

We suggest these simple steps for creating your photo books online, once you have categorized your photos.

Choose the size of your photo book. For doing so you need to know how many photos you have selected for this one photo book. And in what size each photo is going to be.

Select the design or layout for your photo book. Here you will need to decide on a theme and the list of categories that you have previously worked on will be of great help to you. The color, the size and the material of your photo book should match with the design!

Decide on short captions for selected photos. This is optional. You can have a simple photo book with no captions at all, just the photos. Or you can spice it up by writing short captions for all or some of the photos. Some more casual themes demand more fun, and captions will be a great tool for making this happen. Review the final product, make sure all is per your choice, take a deep breath and order away! As I said, easy!

How to Order My Photo Book

Now that you have a clear idea of what it takes to create a professional photo book, you are ready to take action.

Make sure that now is the best time for you to do so, as it requires a few hours of your time. You will, of course, enjoy going through your photos were taken so far. Old memories will come back to you and most probably make you smile. Now, while you are browsing around your photos, try to create folders of categories simultaneously. Move your photos to its relevant folder while going through them. By the end of the day, you will both have folders labeled, and you will enjoy your time remembering all those moments once again.

Visit our website for the photo book section. A friendly helping hand is waiting for you there. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Go on! Create your photo book online as a way to hold on to those memories just a little bit longer.