2019 Apr 6

How to Throw The Best Party With Custom Party Decorations


Custom Party Decorations

Fun parties are not always fun to organize. People that plan them for a living know that it is an art. You need to take care of the food, the location, the people, the mood, and, of course, the decorations. No wonder it seems stressful – even the idea of juggling feel stressful. As unbelievable as it sounds, custom party decorations can make your job easier. Sure, you will never be able to please everyone. But we have good news for you — it should not even be your goal.

Awesome parties are the ones that people find meaningful; the ones that have a ‘good vibe.’ Whether you are thinking of a thematic party, a wedding, or just a birthday party with friend custom party decorations can help turn an average evening into success. Inspired, by the article that taught us about the right mindset you need to have to organize a great party, we decided to write one about steps you need to take to throw the best one. We will try to give you a piece of practical advice and arm you with the tools that will help make any gathering a success with a little help from custom party decorations.

1. A little intention goes a long way

Before calling people in, purchasing food and decorations, there is something you need to do if you want your party to be a success. First of all, you should set an intention. Why you are organizing a party? Why do you purchase all the balloons and thematic caps? You might say because it is a wedding or a birthday and I should do it. But dig dipper — there should be a more meaningful reason. Once you have it, planning the rest will not only be easier but also more enjoyable. If you want people to have fun, then a topic like Star Wars or Marvel might be the best choice. If you intend to have a more intimate meeting and catch up on each other a less distracting environment will probably be a better choice. Your custom party decoration should serve a purpose.

2. Let people in on your plan

Surprise parties are great but so are the well-organized ones. You should not always keep your intention and expectations a secret. If you let people in on a plan you have, they will be more willing to communicate. It will help give the evening a direction. Also, if you are organizing a thematic party with decorations chances are you also plan to have a dress code. Make sure to communicate it to everyone clearly, and be ready to answer questions. That’s how your custom party decorations will serve you best. You can also customize your invitations and write a little story to go with it. People love stories, and that will probably make them feel more inspired. If you want the party to go great, having control over its flow is usually the best way to go.

3. Your room is a canvas

Decorating a party should not always be stressful. If you are organizing an in-house party, use it as an opportunity to spice up your room and change it up a little bit. Order creative decorations, a cool-looking poster, ask people to help. You can move around the furniture to open up space if you want to make it easier for people to dance. At the end of the day, you are planning on organizing the best party in history! You can use the old-style paper decorations, put printed stickers on the cupcakes, or just have candles around. The only limit is your imagination. If you are looking for original party decoration ideas, you can check out our list with 8 Fun Party Decoration Ideas for inspiration.

4. Take care of food and logistic… But don’t overdo it

Of course, everyone loves good food. Delicious dinners and snacks are one of the reasons we like parties so much. Sometimes, however, we tend to focus on it a little too much and put all of our efforts into preparing 5-course dinner for 20 people. Have you ever asked yourself if that is really necessary? If food has not been your main intention you have set in the beginning, then you don’t need to overdo it. The location and the food are just as important as the overall atmosphere. But if you end up spending all of your time stressing out about the two, the party will end up just being a bother. If your goal is to bring people together, then you should focus on the games and interesting conversation topics.

5. Keep your guests busy (with cool props)

Instagram party

If you are thinking of a cool way to keep your guest busy, consider having funny props around! The crazier and funnier — the better. A party with decorations already implies the presence of props, but you can go an extra step. You can print out an Instagram party frame for people to take photos with. It will become part of a joke, help break the ice, and encourage interaction between your guests. A simple prop like that is guaranteed to raise everyone’s mood and keep people busy for many hours. You can also have creative towels, creative bottle openers, and funny hats around.

6. Leave them with a little reminder

You can end the evening by preparing small gifts for your guests. Of course, it might not be appropriate in all the cases, but it is more than is in most of them. The gifts should not be expensive — it can even be the custom party decorations you have prepared to arrange your house. Use the photographs you might have a print to decorate your room with, or small snacks, or just candies to make a lasting impression that they can take home with them.

Custom party decorations can help you set the mood — but the rest is on you

Of course, you can use all the tools available in your disposal to arrange a beautiful space. But the thing you need to take care about the most is your intention and how the party is going to make people feel. Focus more on the people’s experiences and having fun, and any party you organize is going to end up being an absolute success.