2018 Nov 16

8 Fun Party Decoration Ideas


Have you ever organized a party? Are you thinking of doing that someday? It might feel intimidating. There are so many things to think about — party decorations, guests, snacks, what to wear and more. Knowing how stressful it can get, we decided to help you out, and create a list with party decoration ideas. The truth is, you don’t need much to spice up a party. All you need is some imagination and this handy guide to fun party decorations.

Character Stand

Printing a character stand is a great idea. It can be of you, a friend of yours, maybe a celebrity, or anyone else you like. It will be a funny decoration to have around. Your friends will love it and take loads of pictures with it. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to gain a new inside joke with a bunch of your friends. They will certainly remember the day for a long time.

If you liked this idea, then we are happy to tell you that we actually provide such services. We can print a character stand of anyone or anything you want and ship it to you.

Colorful Water

If you want to have some flowers around or expect your guests to bring some, then it means you will need to use a vase. To use that opportunity and make things a bit more fun you can simply add some food coloring to the water in the vase. You will not only use the vase but also decorate the location with some nice colorful water.

Fairy Lights

Nice lighting is also a great idea when it comes to party decoration. Fairy lights are beautiful and inexpensive. You can get them in different colors, and every time the light will go off the fairy lights will turn the room blue, purple, or pink. Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas after all. You can use them to add color to any location at any time of the year.

Party Hats

If anyone tells you party hats are for children, they do not know anything about fun. They don’t need to be boring, you can use them to pour all your creativity. All you need is some glue and whatever you can think of to turn normal party hats into a special one. Just think of it, you can even make unicorn horns. You will only need to use a thinner party hat instead of one. Add glitter, pom-poms, paint or paper clips to take it even one step further. In other words, just do whatever you want, it is your party after all.

Washi Tape on Cups

Isn’t it annoying when you get yourself a drink, put it down, come back and have no idea which one is yours anymore? Well, there is a cute solution to that problem. You can stick the cups with different kinds of washi tapes. Not only does this mean that your guests will not forget which cup was theirs, but the cups will look even more adorable.

Instagram Frame

You can also get yourself a personalized Instagram frame. We are sure, your friends will have lots of fun taking pictures with it. You can print whatever caption you want on it, make up the number of likes, and who posted it. And then suddenly Britney Spears posted a picture of your friends on Instagram with the caption “My favorite people on earth…after [your name] of course “. Be creative!

In fact, we also print Instagram Frames at Dubairprint.com. You can personalize your frame and order it right here.

Disco Ball

Let’s be honest, Disco Balls are very cool! What is there to even think about? You don’t even have to dance disco or anything under it. Just having it around can already make any location look better.

Banner with a Message From You

Sometimes you want to set some rules for the party. If you do not set them, things can get bad pretty quickly. But you definitely don’t want to be a killjoy about it. Instead of being annoying, you can just get a banner that says whatever message you have like “ Please leave by 11,” “ Do not break anything,” “ The bathroom is the third door to your right.” They will function as memos, but your friends will probably also find them funny.

So there you go, these were some party decoration ideas from us. Your friends will certainly appreciate these decorations. Some of them will be joked about for a while — or at least the next day when you see some of them at work. And that is how you know the party was a success.