2020 Dec 7

12 Stress-Free Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Everyone in 2021


We are continuing our pre-New Year series, with a blog about something you might have struggled with in the past — Secret Santa Gift Ideas. In this article, we will try to take the pain out of looking for a present for a not-so-random present for your random coworker, friend, or family member.

Secret Santa gift for the New Year office party

The Secret Santa rules might vary from one team to the team. In general, though, they are simple and straightforward. All you need to do is:

1. Put everyone’s name in a bag (alternatively, you can also play it online)

2. Pick a name

3. Collectively determine a budget (you can skip this step, but for fairness, we would suggest not to)

4. Do your best to keep the name a secret

5. Look for the perfect present

6. Gift it under the name of the Secret Santa

7. Let them guess who the present is from

If you have decorated your office and played the game, our assumption is you are probably stuck on number 5. Arguably, the hardest part of the game.

We all like receiving presents, looking for one is often not as easy as we would want it to be. If that’s the situation you have found yourself in, our list with several Secret Santa gift ideas broken down into four main categories might be of great help.

Starting the year right

Anything that would help your giftee start the year right and make the upcoming year a little better than the previous one counts as a great Secret Santa gift idea.

Secret Santa gift for the New Year office party

1. Notebooks

Yes, we live in the digital era, but it doesn’t mean that notebooks are in the past. It’s still a great gift, especially around the New Year.

Why? Well, it is the time when everyone is reflecting on what they have done and set their goals for the new one. So, replacing the old notebook with a new one might be on their mind.

A new notebook can inspire them to be more ambitious and go for the things they’ve always wanted. It doesn’t cost much but can make a huge difference —  truly a Santa-worthy present.

2. Subscriptions

Do you know they want to learn a new language? Then a certificate or subscription might be the perfect gift you’ve been looking for.

The beginning of the year is the best time to get into something new. You will help them start the year right, and as they say, ‘if you start the year well, all will be well.’

Give them that extra boost, and they will be forever grateful. At the end of the day, experiences are one of the most meaningful gifts out there.

3. Lunch Box

If you know your friend or colleague wanted to eat more healthy in the New Year, the best way to inspire to stick to the goal might be a set of convenient lunch boxes. You’ll be the person who made it easier for them to stick to their goals, and that will not go unnoticed. It is a practical and meaningful gift that will help make their year a little more successful.

With all the options available on the market, you can be as fancy or as simple as you like. It all depends on your giftee’s preferences and your budget. Just remember that the most important thing is the practicality of the lunch box. Here, pretty is definitely not everything.

Keep it comfy

The New Year is all about comfort, and so can be your present! Reminding them they need to take care of themselves, is a great Secret Santa gift ideas. There are many options here, but here are some of our favorites.

New Year gifts on the table packed

4. Coasters

One of the most accessible and cute gift ideas out there. Coasters are practical and pretty. They will protect their desks from getting dirty and add a special touch to their interior.

The best thing? Well, you can make them custom, using their image or something connected to their interest. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of their Secret Sants.

5. Funny mugs

Mugs are a beloved gift and rightly so. We have tried this gift more than once, and it works perfectly every time.

It is like a canvas, but a little more practical. You can turn it into whatever you want, customizing it to your giftee’s interests. A cute mug can accomplish two goals in one shot: become something they can’t live without and show them you have been paying attention.

Check out our article with the funny phrases you can use if you are looking for inspiration. Or just think of something specific to them. It is an easy and thoughtful gift within everyone’s reach.

6. Placemats

Continue the list with another practical present that can instantly spice up the room and turn it into something festive. You can gift an entire packaging for their family, or gift a high-quality placemat for their work and game table.

Practical and beautiful, placemats will help keep your colleagues’ homes more organized and clean.

7. Safety products

2020 seems to be a little different from the other years behind. Now, what matters is health, care, and safety. So, why not think about adding one of the safety measures to your gift box?

Putting a pair of face shields or face masks will be an excellent addition and will put an extra smile on the giftee’s face. Especially, have it customized with their favorite design or character, show them that you know them well and you care about them.

For tech geeks

We live in the age of technology. They help improve our lives, making it easier to perform some day-to-day tasks. Almost anyone would have something they want to get from the tech departments. As a great Santa, it is your job to make their dreams come true this year.

Person looking through the New Year gift ideas on a laptop

8. Mini Humidifier

Does your coworker complain about dry air? A mini humidifier might help ease their pain.

A humidifier is a great choice for someone who takes care of their skin and overall well-being. You can look for smaller and cuter options to spice up their desks. It’s a simple and meaningful gift that is sure to make them feel and look better.

9. Small projector

Is your Secret Santa recipient a movie fanatic? Or do they like hosting movie nights? The small projector might be just a gift for them.

There are many affordable options available, and finding the one that fits best your budget isn’t difficult. It can even be a small cardboard project made for smartphones. Look it up, you’ll be surprised by just how many are there.

The tech gift will make them happy, reminding them of you, their cool and thoughtful Santa.

10. Wireless speakers

This one is perfect for music lovers. It is an affordable present that will help fill their rooms with music and make the coming New Year even brighter.

There are many options available on the market. For fun’s sake, you can order something in brighter colors — the New Year is all about happiness. And nothing says happiness better than a red wireless speaker right on top of the Christmas tree.

All about them

The best Secret Santa is the one that can bring the gift that the giftee has secretly desired. That’s why this category is special — it reflects the spirit of the New Year like nothing else.

Woman looking for a gift on the streets

11. Books

The best thing about gifting books is the variety that is out there. Even if the person thinks they aren’t into reading, there is definitely a book they would love to have.

It is an even better present if you know the person LOVES books and mentioned something they would want to read. If you want to be safe, you can lurk into their Goodreads profile, just to make sure they haven’t already read it.

Alternatively, you can gift them so-called ‘coffee table books.’ They can be humorous like ‘How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You’ or be about their favorite hobby. The book will get a special place in their collection, reminding them of your thoughtfulness.

12. Gourmet sweets

Sweets and quickly disposable things (like bath bombs) make great gifts, but a bad thing about them is that they don’t last. If their temporary nature doesn’t scare you, then, dear Secret Santa, you just found the perfect gift.

However, if you know someone loves sweets but want your gift something they can hold on for longer, go for gourmet sweet instead. The special edition sweets and candies are intentionally made for occasions like this. They often come in beautiful packaging that then can be used for other purposes.

It is perfect if you’ve been looking for a lasting, memorable, and delicious gift. It seems like you can have your cake and eat it too, right?

 Their favorite thing… multiplied

This additional option is not for everyone, we have to admit. Even if they say they ‘can’t gum’ without coffee, a jar filled with the gym might not be what they would want to get.

But if you feel like they would appreciate a humoristic take on their habits and harmless obsessions, a year-long collection of candles or tea bags might be the best present you can think of. Not only it is practical, but, in a weird way, it is also thoughtful; you need to have been paying attention. That alone deserves a round of applause.