2019 Mar 14

Why Do You Need High-Quality Branded Merchandise?


You will hardly find a company that takes itself seriously but does not have proper branding and well-developed brand identity. And the reason is that high-quality branded merchandise helps to promote a company and spread its message. It helps companies grow and set new goals. Think about yourself as a customer for a moment — you probably like receiving branded gifts from various firms, but might not always be aware of how it affects your perception of those companies.

To put it simply, branded merchandise is a collective name for all the products that your company puts its logo on. It is a cost-effective marketing tactic that many brands have used for many years. Branded merchandise includes, but isn’t limited to business cards, branded envelopes, branded mugs, and other gifts. Companies often distribute those materials with other purchases, during events or meetings.

However, as a business owner, you might wonder, ‘Are they really worth it?’ In this article, we will help you answer this question. We will present all the proven benefits associated with branded merchandise distribution to help you decide if the tactic is for you.

1.Brand recognition

First of all, branded merchandise helps make your brand more recognizable. Customers often keep even items like corporate posters and mugs for at least a year. Only imagine how many times they and their friends get exposed to them. It means that when they see your logo, you will be instantly identified. You will be on top of their minds, next time they are searching for a solution.

2. Low-cost Marketing

Of course, high-quality branded merchandise is a marketing tool. Airing an expensive ad during Superbowl that can reach thousands of customers is a dream for any brand. But only a very few can afford a resource-demanding promotion like that. Printing high-quality branded merchandise in small quantities is far more realistic. By distributing promotional items, you are making use of the free ad space available around. Some of the items, like flyers, market your product and services directly. Some of the products are less direct but equally effective. When done right, a custom-made calendar may prove to be just as effective in reaching new customers, as a commercial run on TV.

3. Make it easy to find you

Each piece of branded merchandise you distribute makes it easier to find you. All corporate items usually have at least a logo and a company name. Many of them also contain contact information like email, phone number, and address. Some even have a small description of what the company does. All that means that the next time an individual or another company needs services you provide or the products you sell, they will know where to find you. The only thing they will need to do is pick up your mouse pad or a ready envelope. And the easier it is to find you, the higher are the chances that they will contact you. So, if you decide to order even branded merchandise in small quantities, try to include the most important information about your organization.

4. Build loyalty and trust

Last but not least, high-quality branded merchandise also helps to build trust between you and your customers. Using those items, you build your brand and its identity. The stronger is your presence and identity, the more potential customer trust you. If you invest in those promotional gifts, it says that you are willing to go the extra mile for your customers. It helps to shows them how much you care for your loyal customers and want to empower them. Such behavior also encourages them to give back whenever they can. In other words, quality branding assures people that you take your brand and its reputation seriously. However, it is also important to make sure that the items you distribute are meaningful. For branded merchandise marketing to work, people need to be willing to use them.

5. Increase exposure

Distributing high-quality branded merchandise can also help expose your brand to more people. All the people that use your branded items become ambassadors of your company. If they keep a branded notebook on their desk or put the magnet on their fridge, not only they will be aware of your brand, but chances are someone else is also going to remember it as well. If it happens that they also like your organization, they will most likely want to endorse it too. And everyone knows how powerful is word-of-mouth marketing – there is no marketing technique that is just as effective and intense.

High-Quality Branded Merchandise can help you grow your business

In conclusion, if you want to win over the customer, show your competitors that you are a serious foe, growing the number of branded items you use should be part of your marketing campaigns. It might seem like a waste of money from the first sight, but the truth is high-quality branded merchandise helps you solve important, sometimes unseen, problems.