2018 May 12

Use Custom Business Cards to Promote Your Brand in Style


Care about people’s first impression of your brand? Want to look great in the eyes of partners and prospects? A well-designed custom business card is the first step to leave the right impression. So how should the card present your brand?

Custom Business Cards

Let’s see some basic points for which presenting your company is similar to present yourself. And these points are why you undoubtedly need a personalized business card for your brand.

The first encounter

A business card is often a person’s first encounter with a brand. So it is essential for the card to represent the brand clearly and to evoke positive feelings towards the brand. However, “positive” means different things for each brand. You must first find out what kind of emotions the brand wants to evoke. Is it a strong feeling of trust in a reliable partner? Or is it a comfortable feeling of relaxation? Find your desired emotion first, and then let’s see how your partners can conceive it with your custom business card.

You might have seen several super creative custom business cards: cards with pockets; cards unfolding to become 3D objects; cards of unusual non-rectangular shapes, and more. There are so many ideas and options! I wonder if anyone has handed out talking or singing business cards so far.

But even if you order an average rectangular business card, there is quite a lot of features to pay attention and many options to personalize.

Your Company’s Face

Let’s assume that your business card is your company’s face. No doubt, you will order a top-quality design for it. Because you want the face to look great, right? We all do.

But don’t do any design just for design’s sake. The card must tell people about your brand. You are surely the one who knows everything (or almost everything) about your company, and you might be eager to tell it all at once. But you need to resist this urge. Never overload the tiny card with tons of details. Keep it simple and clear. Use a branded background, the company logo, and the most basic information. Try to stand out. Be creative. But don’t let your creativity carry you out of your brand guidelines.

Now let’s sum up. Your business card should be:

  • Simple
  • Creative
  • In accordance with your brand guideline.

You surely need a lot of creativity and professionalism to combine these features.

Your Company’s Voice

It’s not all about the great look. Always keep in mind that the encounter with a company works the same way as with a person.

So first of all, let’s think about how we present ourselves to other people. Any business coach will answer at once: with a distinctly pronounced name and a firm handshake. This advice is really important. Firstly, because your name simply needs to be remembered. And then, a little confidence in the voice never hurt anyone. So how do you make a business card “sound” right?

For one, make the company name perfectly legible. If it’s easy to read from the logo, there’s no need to write it twice. But if the logo is even slightly hard to read, then you need to write down your name in a distinct font. Use legible fonts for every other text on the business card.

And the amount of the text on your card must be the same as for design elements: as little as possible. It must be even shorter than an email signature. Just tell who you are and how to find you. People keep the card for the contact information, so make it easy for them to find it.

So, the text on your card should be:

  • Short
  • Informative
  • Readable
  • Remember the KISS formula: Keep It Short and Simple.

The Right Touch

When you have the design and layout ready, it’s time to print. You can easily order your business cards online. Note that you will have to order them in a large quantity, in most cases starting at 100 pieces. So make sure to have every detail checked and re-checked before ordering.

But as you go to the printing house’s website, there is one more thing to pay attention to.

We mentioned the importance of a firm handshake. So what does it have to do with a custom business card? Well, you certainly touch the card. You might have never paid attention to it, but the tactile feeling forms an attitude towards the object, in your subconscious. Can you imagine how many ways a business card can feel? The finishing of a business card can have so many variations that you might get confused once you see the options list.

For instance, Dubaiprint.com offers the following options for the feel and finishing of your custom business cards:

  • Flat satin
  • Flat silk
  • Embossed silk
  • Flat glossy
  • Soft matte
  • Flat matte
  • Textured matte
  • Textured semi-matte

You can choose these and several more options just by clicking a few buttons on our site.

Each of these evokes a different emotion. Satin and silk, for instance, feel rather sophisticated, whereas the textured matte perfectly fits into oriental themes.

Feel free to customize your business cards to all the features available at Dubaiprint. Design support and further customization are also available at the Custom Made section on our website.