2018 Jun 15

5 Essential Steps to Create and Print Your Leaflets Online


With today’s online tools, it has become extremely easy to create and print leaflets online. When running short on resources, you can even do it without a team, all by yourself. And you surely want the quality to be as high as it would be with a whole team working on the leaflet. So, let’s see how to make it possible.

Print Your Leaflets Online

1. Start with a Research

Research is your homework. Leaflet creation is the test. You can pass the test without doing the homework, but leaving it on pure luck or common sense is never a good idea. You must be ready to answer all the questions that a designer would ask you. So, what do you need to know before starting to create a leaflet online?

  • Your Audience

Define the target. Who is your customer? Who will take the leaflet? Make sure to know who makes the final buying decision. It will help you to speak the same language as your prospects. You want the customer to understand you, don’t you? So get to know your target and make your message clear and appealing to them.

You can build a “buyer profile,” determine the key characteristics and work as if you are talking to those people.

  • Your Goal

Where are you going? Where do you want this campaign to lead you? Make it clear to yourself. Then direct your prospects towards your shared goals. Walking without a direction is a waste of resources, and you don’t want to make that mistake. Know what to expect, so you will know where you went wrong along the way.

And when you have made those points clear, it’s time to proceed to the stage of visual content creation.

2. Design is crucial

But before opening the Illustrator or an online editor, have your concept in mind. By this stage, you must have a clear message in mind for your prospects. Now think of how you can transform that message into an image. You need to keep your business style, like for any other printed marketing materials.

Surf the Internet for a while, and you will find tons of templates for your leaflet. It would be great, of course, to start the design from scratch. But if you are not a professional designer, you’d better go with ready templates to be safe. Design, like any other area, has plenty of rules. And you know how Picasso said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

So don’t be afraid to use professionally created templates: you can never know what’s wrong with your amateur design, even the ones that look impressive at first sight.

3. Write an outstanding copy

Now that you have the message translated into a visual file, you also need to communicate it with words. And do you know the most common and effective way to make a written copy stand out? Make it informative. Write something about your product that people might not know yet. Every product is unique, so this approach never fails. This is how one of the advertising classics, David Ogilvy, used to work. And many people, including his clients, considered David a pure genius. He made this legendary printed ad with the headline “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.” He dug dip into the product features and found something so catchy that made people remember his ad for many decades.

There is one big change in the writing trends that happened in the last decades: the text must be as short as possible now. People come across various ads on every step and don’t often spend their precious time writing what comes after the first glance. Can you write like a pro and fit the key message in a “first glance” size of the text? It’s not easy, but you should definitely try. And when you are done, only two steps are left: printing and distribution.

4. Print like a PRO

Printing is one of the main parts of the process which you can’t possibly do on your own. Well, you can try to print the leaflets on a personal printer, but you know that’s not how it works. For large quantities, online printing solutions are even more affordable than in-house printing with its basic cost. At Dubaiprint, we offer highly customizable options for leaflets online printing. You don’t want to have your visual ads in questionable quality, so choose a trustworthy printing house. It’s easy: you’ll just upload your design and make an online payment. And then you can have flawlessly printed leaflets online delivered to you.

5. Hand it over with a smile

In other words, organize a professional distribution. Who will hand out the leaflets? Maybe they will be placed in a table display? Carefully choose the distribution location and decide who will be the person to hand out the leaflets online. That person will become the face of your brand in the eyes of many customers, so be sure to make the right choice.