2018 May 20

4 Timeless Ideas For Custom Printed Posters


As a teenager, I covered up all my bedroom walls with posters. And it was sweet! And then came a time when I thought it was ridiculous and immature. So I removed them all. And now, looking at enviable interiors with carefully printed and well-framed posters, I can’t help imagining my old posters re-printed neatly and hung on my new walls… And besides, I love the office interiors decorated with cool custom printed posters.

Custom Printed Posters

Let’s see some ideas for posters that will never go out of style, both for business and personal use. And when it comes to the production of your posters, we there to help you with creative and quality posters printing in Dubai.

Quotes and Jokes

Do you have a life motto? Or a phrase that always makes you smile. It can be anything! Think of a good phrase or quote and visualize that. Ask a designer to help with the font and layout.

One of my favorite phrases hangs at the office of an international creative ad agency. It says “Fail Harder.” Such a great motivation for creatives! It is crucial for them not to fear failure. They have to keep trying and not shutting down their bold ideas until something worthy comes up.

As for bedroom decoration, I’ve hung a solid command there: “Keep your back straight.” I would never imagine that it can have such an impact! I look at my poster at least three times a day and straighten up for several following hours. This makes me feel so much better, especially as I sit slouching in front of my laptop most of the day.

And I have one more favorite quote poster. It hangs at an Italian restaurant and says “I’m on a seafood diet: I see food and I eat it.” As a person who hates the extra seriousness at some restaurants, I just love this one. Make your customers laugh so that they relax and spend more money with no regret.

Movies and Stars

The classics. It’s the type of posters we used to overload our bedroom walls with. And now, as grown-ups, nothing can stand on our ways to admire our all-time idols. The love for particular movies and celebrities is only one reason to hang their images on our walls. The other reason is some movie posters’ design itself. You can find design masterpieces among old and new works. For instance, the 1982 “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” is a great piece of postmodern visual arts.

True collectors can collect the outlet posters from movie theatres as original works. By the way, at Dubaiprint.com we can also print cinema posters for cinemas: A3 custom printed posters is an excellent solution for large quantities.


Are you an art lover? It never hurts to have your favorite painting on your wall. Make sure that there is no copyright problem if it’s a contemporary artist’s work.

If you have little kids, then their paintings might be the best works of art for you. Instead of pinning them on the fridge, you can choose your favorite piece and have it printed in a larger size with a proper frame.

Artworks are also great for your corporate office interior. The definition of artwork is way broader than some decades before. Consider a thematic photo collection. For instance, if it’s an IT company, you could decorate it with a line of retro computing machine photos. For an environmental organization, there is an endless choice of natural landscapes, wild animal photos, etc. Design studios and other kinds of creative companies often use their walls to demonstrate their portfolios, which is also a great use of custom printed posters.

Retro Style Posters

I would include this point in the artworks section, but apparently, retro-style posters go way further. Of course, there are retro art styles that are trendy until now. Pinup trends are already back for about a decade. Pop art in its whole has never even gone out of trend. Comics have also gained a new wave of popularity all around the world. Funny or serious, they appear more and more often in unexpected places.

But the gem of retro posters is the printed ads form the early 20th century. What seemed perfectly okay at that time, is absolutely hilarious today. Some ads even appear shocking now. They, for instance, offer now-illegal drugs for baby bellyaches. Cigarettes were offered as a good measure for losing weight. And some other old ads now seem sexist even to many conservative people. Aside from all these offensive examples, there were a lot of ads that looked admirable. Google for copies of these old posters and find the ones you love. Order your custom posters printing services and display them as true artworks.

Social Ads

Do you support a social cause? Make it noticeable. You can show it everywhere. Whether it is your bedroom, living room or working space, a good reminder of social causes never hurts.

When you are announcing a room as a non-smoking space, you can do it in a creative way with an anti-smoking ad.

Many designers create social ads on voluntary terms, so a lot of ads are free for reuse. This means you will have no copyright issue with most of those ad posters.

BONUS: a Tip for Printing Custom Posters in Dubai

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