2019 Sep 30

Conquer the Market with Innovative Marketing


Now, it’s time to talk about marketing. Innovative marketing to be exact.

The new age demands new solutions. And while everyone is feeling excited about the potential of technologies, marketing specialists are not as quick to join the celebration. They know better than anyone else that innovative solutions demand innovative marketing. And thus, no sleep.

Unless you have stumbled upon this article, of course. We have done our best to collect a couple of creative ideas to make the process a little less dreadful.

Innovative Marketing

Nothings stay on its plays and what has been ‘the thing’ only a couple of months ago is nothing today. While it might scare some, it should not market specialists — the people who stay at the forefront of innovations, taking on all the first heat.

Since we have ever tested nothing, nothing is right, and nothing is wrong. The business you are working on gets a unique chance to be your experimental ground.

Innovative marketing, what is it about?

Innovative marketing is a fresh way of looking at marketing. In its essence, it is a set of practices that involves introductions of new mediums, tools, strategies specific for the exact product or the service the company offers.

Just as innovative technologies, innovative marketing involves challenging the status quo. Its main purpose is the introduction of the new tools in the regular toolset, most of the time not conventional to the method used.

Imagine, you are developing a brand of something with a specific target audience — large size shoes, expensive head jewelry, or let’s say an innovative branding agency specializing in B2B.

The special markets need special marketing. Generic formulas are out of the equation.

What is the process like?

Bad news – there is not a definite answer if we are honest.

Good news — that’s the point. Innovative marketing is in its essence new, original, and unpredictable. That being said, it does not mean there is nothing you can do about it.

There are some tools that can help you come up with the right solution. And that is exactly what will try to do in this article. Arm you with tools that would help you produce a marketing campaign that would leave anyone speechless.

Jump on board!

1. Computing power

It might happen that what you do is not exactly easy to put on a shelf.

You are an innovator, and that means you produce not only something of the physical but also digital value. And while it all is exciting, the problem is, you cannot exactly put it onto a shelf.

What can you do?

Well, one option is to keep it digital. Real-world is such 2000. Instead of trying to get it back to the real world, you can just put an interactive iPad stand or bring a projector with you to an exhibition. Those are cost-effective yet effective ways of presenting your product, even if it is something that you cannot really touch.

2. Marketing is innovation

Another way to create an innovative marketing campaign that people not forget is to add an element of innovation to the product itself.

Innovative Marketing

Think AR business cards or videos designed specifically for your product or a company. You can also design small games to promote your drink or new application.

To come up with the right solution, think of your audience. What are they like? What do they enjoy doing? They might be into sports. Or enjoy drinking coffee in the morning. Maybe they enjoy reading or do grocery shopping once a week on the weekends.

The information you use does not even need to be connected with your product. Those small bits of information present opportunities. Because, as a marketer, you should know that the best way to market really is to pretend you are not marketing at all.

3. Custom tailed

Shopping mall displays play a big role in marketing. Even in the digital age, they are a necessity. Some of you have real products, and you probably do not want them to get lost in the infinite pile of similar ones.

How can you make it easy for people to know it is your brand? Custom-made POS displays are an option.

Not sure what it means? Hear us out. Have you ever seen those impressive content displays in supermarkets, shapes like bears, brand logo, mascots, or something else associated with the company? Those things are called POS displays.

Innovative Marketing

They can help you speak from the name of your brand when you cannot physically be around. And we can all agree — a custom solution is better than the one that has been made for everyone and everything.

4. Creating better content

While the content strategy and the content is nothing new in marketing,

Content creation became standard in the industry. But now, when everyone is doing it, the thing is to do it creatively. Innovation marketing and innovative marketing implies revolutionizing the methods.

When you are doing innovative marketing, it does not mean you cannot use any conventional digital marketing methods. Social media, advertisements are not completely out. They just need to be ‘innovative.’

Look at those channels as channels only. Don’t move only according to formulas. While you definitely need to understand your audience, design a campaign, and track the results, anything in between those steps is up to you. You can use the tools, but they should never be synonymous with the results or work itself.

5. Traditional methods — creative variations

Innovative marketing implies ‘innovativeness,’ but it does not mean you cannot use conventional mediums.

Notebooks, pens, stickers, and other marketing items (link) are all still marketing tools that can serve you positively. What should you do with them?

Well, how about changing up the message of the design you use? Make those items creative, purchase high-quality notebooks instead of cheap ones. People will want to carry them around, and if they do, your goal is achieved.

How to use innovative marketing

Innovative marketing is the term that became popular in recent years, showing a creative approach to the years-long practices of marking.

Despite being new, however, it is not a concept only for the reach of those who have a lot of power, already. In fact, innovative marketing in most of the cases, solutions that have never been introduced before is how those companies really got where they are.

So, not only you can use the method, you NEED to use it. After all, innovative marketing is not a temporary trend that might disappear tomorrow, leaving us all in disarray. It is marketing itself.