2018 Aug 14

How Custom Sticker Printing Will Give Your Branding a Boost


Building a powerful brand takes lots of time and efforts. Thus, it is always a good idea to use every branding tool that can potentially take your branding to the next level. Out of the many branding tools available for your choice, custom stickers can be of great help to you.

At Dubaiprint.com, we take pride in the high-quality, custom sticker printing services we offer our customers. With so many uses for stickers, it never takes long for our customers to see the real benefits truly creative and high-quality sticker prints bring to their branding. Want to learn how custom stickers can give your own branding a boost? Follow us!

Custom Stickers Increase Brand Recognition

Indeed, custom stickers can help you gain mass reaches, letting more people know about your brand. Simply put – increased brand recognition! But, when using custom stickers to give your branding a boost, we will jump ahead and say, creativity becomes a key factor for success. As you want your stickers to really get noticed by your prospects, you will need to make them creative. Thus, why not let your imagination run wild? Other than printing stickers of just your logo, you can go for something more entertaining and inspirational. If you give people a reason to display your branded stickers, you will gain more chances to catch the eye of your targeted audience and be remembered.

Which branded sticker, let’s say, of a hunting gear brand would you most likely put on your laptop or car – a sticker of their logo, a sticker of a hunting man or a sticker of a quote saying “live, love, hunt”? We know your answer!

But note, that no matter how important it is to create awesomely creative stickers, they still have an important job to do – build brand recognition. So, don’t forget to custom print creative stickers with your logo and your branding features like color, font or design style, which will signal who you are. This is especially essential for brands that are relatively new to the market, and don’t have the brand awareness as, for instance, Apple or Dolce & Gabbana does.

Custom Stickers Build Credibility

Print high quality, professional-looking, customized stickers at Dubaiprint.com, and you will see how instantly you will gain credibility among your prospects at the very moment they use or see your branded stickers.

Custom printed stickers with exceptional quality and look tend to make great impressions and build trust towards your brand. In the end, even the smallest branding materials do tell a lot about the quality and professionalism of the business you are in the market to conduct. Thus, remember, the better the quality, the more powerful the impact.

As you gain credibility through printing and distributing high-quality stickers, you also gain trustful relationships that are of great value to your brand for the long run. And, nowadays, no brand is powerful if it doesn’t manage to create trustful relationships with its customers.

Custom Stickers Work Online As Well

In today’s digitalized world, it is extremely important to consider the online factor in your branding efforts. And, fortunately, stickers can be of great help to you in promoting your brand online.

When you give free, branded sticker gifts to your clients, they are very likely to take a photo of or with your sticker gifts and post them online. People love free gifts, and they also love sharing their happiness online! What’s in it for you? In that way, your brand gains a broader online reach and the word about you gets spread even further.

Consider Apple, as an example. You may well know that Apple gifts its customers with 2 stickers of their logo in every purchased package. Apple does this knowing that their customers will end up displaying those stickers not only offline but also online. Even more, Apple’s loyal customers get creative and use those free sticker gifts in artsy ways. Then, they post photos online, as if seeking for validation that they are part of the luxurious group that uses Apple products. As a consequence of Apple’s smart strategy to use stickers as part of their branding, the brand name gains massive exposure in the online sphere, attracting more and more eyeballs. And, you know what’s even cooler? It doesn’t seem like strategic advertising at all! It appears as a simple form of gift-giving.

Custom Stickers Empower Your Customers

As you give out custom stickers as gifts to your customers, you are empowering them to act upon their will. You aren’t telling them what to do and how to use the branded stickers. You aren’t fighting for their attention with TV or online ads, billboards, and flyers either. Simply, you are giving them the freedom to decide what they will do with their gifts.

How great is that? People love when the decision is in their hands. They feel powerful knowing that they are in control of the situation, rather than being told what to do. As a result, they become more willing to share the word about you – the brand that empowers its customers.

Nowadays, people are exposed to a very high quantity of ads on a daily basis. Thus, it is no wonder that people get excited to support their favorite brands in a simple way. By putting your branded stickers on their personal items they say “I choose to buy this brand.” It is a powerful form of recommendation for your brand, perceived by others as a personal endorsement. And, the latter can bring more trust towards your brand than anything else!

Custom Stickers Give Out Important Information

Branding also involves the ways in which you choose to give out important information about your products or services. And, custom sticker printing can be your best creative choice here.

Be it prices, contact details, company culture attributes or key product/service details, you can print any additional information on your custom stickers to push that extra sale. Here, again, creativity is a major factor, by which only you can make the important information stick to your customers’ minds. So, why not take advantage of using custom printed stickers to take your branding to the next level?

Closing Thoughts on Custom Sticker Printing

Custom sticker printing is a highly cost-effective marketing solution, that offers truly beneficial support to your branding. Stickers boost brand recognition, build credibility, empower your customers, provide valuable information, promote your brand even online and more. Major companies all over the world have already realized this amazing power of custom printed stickers in branding. So what are you waiting for? Order your high-quality, full-color, custom stickers printing in Dubai at affordable prices at Dubaiprint.com! For your convenience, we also offer Roll Stickers printing services that can help you have your custom printed stickers on a roll, easy and fast to be applied.

For any inquiries about sticker printing and our custom sticker printing services in Dubai, feel free to give us a call at +97144514554. We will be happy to help you boost your branding like a pro!