2018 Jul 25

3 Ways for Marketers to Make Desirable Custom Printed Postcards


Many marketers never miss a chance to use another channel of communication with the customers and prospects. And custom printed postcards are the classics. We order custom printed postcards printing services for many occasions, such as:

  • Exhibitions and shows
  • Holidays/congratulating cards
  • Ordering or buying gifts from your brand
  • Promotional events

I remember the times when we all exchanged postcards on every occasion. Colorful, vivid, shiny. Sometimes conservative and minimalistic. I had a huge collection. And I’m still getting excited every time I open my mailbox and receive one, no matter who the sender is.

Okay, this one was a joke. Now it’s mostly spam and junk. Seriously, do you remember when was the last time you received a postcard that you wanted to keep? That you didn’t throw away without a second glance?

I only receive a worthy postcard once or twice a year, tops. The rest goes directly to the trash box. I don’t even bother reading what it says unless it is made to fit one of the following points.

1. Make It Useful

Let’s see in what cases people keep the postcards they receive. As for me, it must be either very personal/emotional or useful. Being a marketer myself, I confess that only one promotional postcard in a million can create such emotional attachment. Anyway, it is still possible and sometimes worth trying. But for now, let’s focus on the “useful” part which is more achievable.

What should a postcard have in order to be useful? The most commonly used option is a promotional offer. Congratulate someone with a postcard and include a discount or a small gift. This is what we, marketers, so often do. And with a well-thought targeting, it works so well.

Also, there is still a chance to combine useful and emotional parts. The best way is to make the customers give the cards to each other. We love brands, we do, but not more than we love people. Make a customer’s bond to your brand stronger by adding the value of their bond with the beloved people. Make sure to give a branded postcard to those who buy or order gifts from your brand. Don’t overload the postcard with your brand visuals. Pay more attention to making it look nice, just add your logo.

Try it, and you will see how people start collecting your custom printed postcards. Build a stronger emotional connection that you have ever hoped.

2. Make It Simple

Always keep in mind that it’s a postcard, not a brochure. Don’t overload it with promotional information (although you should not overload a brochure either). It might be tempting to print customized postcards that deliver a lot of messages. But in this case, you’d rather underdo than overdo with the messages.

The only case where the postcard can consist entirely of your brand is when you make it for an exhibition. Paintings and photographs are perfect for a postcard design. Don’t hesitate to dedicate one whole side of the postcard to one of the exhibited pieces. You can put some longer information than on other kinds of promotional postcards. So go ahead and create a line of the most remarkable postcards.

3. Personalize It

Don’t worry; I’m not telling you to spend a fortune customizing each piece of the postcard for each receiver. Personalized doesn’t always mean tailor-made for one single person. To touch a person, a postcard just needs to tell them something they’ve been looking forward to hearing.

You won’t have any interest in a postcard when you think it’s not meant for you, will you? Even when you see your name on the card, it doesn’t always imply that the content concerns you. Honestly, don’t you hate receiving letters and cards that have absolutely nothing to do with you? Now let us see how we can make it better.

Let’s say there is a list of business partners among the receivers. And you send them all Christmas postcards. You have the snowy visuals and the company logos and all the “warmest wishes” carefully written by your copywriter. But you know how many of those wishes they get every year, right? You get a lot as well. And it’s mostly just some paper waste that makes you bother about a good “thank you.”

Now imagine they sent you a postcard which tells about 10 most important partners. They have all contributed to the business development throughout the year, and a small paragraph tells about each partner’s role. This already starts a dialog between two partners. And it might be interesting to see how your own business could benefit from those partners. So this custom-printed postcard forms a two-way conversation between the sender and each partner. At the same time, it is valuable as a free advertisement for them all. Not some dull and spammy ad, but something that can really make the receivers find a benefit for themselves.

Design the perfect postcard and always remember that you make it for the customer, not for the brand itself. If you are ordering custom printed postcards in Dubai, go to Dubaiprint.com and get them with a few clicks. The larger quantity of postcards you order, the better price you get. But make the target your priority and the postcards diverse.