2018 Mar 19

Creative Paper Bag Ideas


“Talking”, “walking” bags

Have you ever enjoyed the paper bag idea more than what it contains? Each of us has ever met such a creative solution that has made us enjoy the design, creativeness and cool solution of the paper bag. Regardless of what it is “talking” about, you would like to reuse it repeatedly.

Creative Paper Bag

Usually carrying a paper bag people think about what they will look like walking on the street. What will make them use it when needed? Of course, cool and creative design. It always matters! So, making creative paper bag you always have a chance to make your customers talk about your brand regardless they were going to do that or not. The cooler the bag the greater the chance to see your brand “walking” in public. The only rule is to have a unique and creative design.

Make the idea viral

From a simple packaging solution (invented in 1852) paper bags has evaluated and become a cool and important marketing tool. They are cheaper than plastic bags and solve some environmental issues.

So, let’s see what are the advantages of a paper bag with a unique design that will add value to your brand:

  • Easily recognizable brand
  • One creative paper bag may become a short-term marketing solution
  • Easy way to deliver the message to the target audience

A printed brand name and a logo become more visible and make it easier to recognize it everywhere. Creative design helps to remember the brand. It becomes viral: people talk about it, share it with others. The idea always attracts, regardless of which brand has created it.

Depending on the result of creative paper bags’ usage, we would sort them in two types:

Creative paper bags that add coolness. Regardless you have a brand or you are just producing creative paper bags, they will attract customers. People like creative ideas. They will prefer that one and will reuse it repeatedly.

Let’s have a look at some really cool creative ideas of paper bags that will attract anyone passing by. They prove that imagination has no limit and creativeness is going to win anyway.

Enjoy this choice of “walking”, “talking” paper bags

Will you use this creative paper bag from Lipton? It is developed for the Saudi Arabia market.

Creative paper bags with a message. One of the advantages of paper bags is that they are made mainly from recycled paper. Nowadays it is an urgent issue. Adding a cool design, we can get a product that will be notable and eco-friendly. Nobody can pass by this bag.

It makes you read the whole text, think about it, then take the bag to become a part of the chain. Creative paper bags are used to raise some problems, pay attention to some health and environmental issues to make powerful messages reach the target.

Thanks to creative ideas, these paper bags have already become a serious part of PR and marketing campaigns. It is easier to make the brand, the logo recognizable with a creative paper bag. It may take some time and effort to make a cool one, but the result is priceless. You get “walking”, “talking” representatives of your brand and don’t have to pay for it. You only have to keep the bar high and develop new creative ideas of paper bags.

So, find out what the paper bag of your brand should sell; an idea? A product or a good mood? What will make the customers reuse your “walking advertisement”? Answering to these questions, you will make a cool and creative design.

Nothing is impossible! Just develop a creative paper bag idea that attracts your customers.