2018 Dec 4

Creative Displays that Will Attract the Attention of Your Customers


The majority of customers make a decision to buy a product right in the store. That little insight into consumer behavior presents a perfect opportunity for businesses to influences customers’ choices. There are many ways a company can attract the attention of their customers, and creative displays are one of them.

POS displays, also known as point-of-sale displays are the best ways to remind your customers about yourself right where you are. If you want your products to sell well, then you need to look for ways to increase the visibility of your brand. That is exactly what POS displays do.

By spending the time to create beautiful displays, you will invite your customers to take a better look at your product. And that is how you can make your product feel more special!

Classic POS Displays

Even though creative displays have gained a lot of attention recently, they are not the only ones. They are many classical displays that look so neat and beautiful that people cannot just by. If your product is going to work better with classical displays, then classic POS displays should be your choice.

They do not need to be boring — you can come up with a creative and bright design that will still attract a lot of attention. It is also the better option for many smaller retail stores that do not have enough space for luxurious POS display. So, a classical parametric shelf should never be out of your list if you want to attract attention to your displays.

Character POS Displays

As a customer, I bet you have found yourself more than once staring at a POS display of a quirky cartoon character. The best thing about them is not only they look great — kids love character stands and POS displays! So if they are your main target, then you definitely should have one.

You can either print a character stand with your message or use the character that represents your product as a template to display your products on. No one will be able to withhold a smile when looking at your creative display. If you want an example we have a cute Teddy Bear Display Stand that you can customize to your needs.

Functional and Interactive POS Displays

Displays don’t need to be just dummies, there are many functional and interactive POS displays. You can print a customized information desk or marketing furniture that your guests can rest on. Those items not only look great but also serve an important purpose. Your potential customer will interact with them right at the store and thus remember your brand better. And when they are making a purchase, your company will be the first one that comes to mind.

Cute Counter Displays

Small and cute counter displays are what you need if your product is small, but you still want it to get noticed. The great thing about cute counter displays is that they will be right next to the counter. That means that shoppers can grab your item right on the out of the shop or while they are waiting in line. That is how you can convince them to make a decision without extra effort. And is not it what you want to do with your display? Here is an example of a POS Table Display to help you out.

Digital Displays

We have entered the digital era, and that means you should not limit yourself only to paper displays. Maybe, your company sells electronics or digital products. You cannot easily display them and tell all the benefits right away. But you might still want to get noticed and use all the benefits that POS displays have to offer. Then what you need is a digital display. With them, you can create an interactive presentation of your product that the customer will never forget. Take a look at our iPad stands if you are looking for a cool marketing solution.

Custom Solution

Sometimes none of the solutions that other companies have done before is for you. You believe that your product is special and deserve special attention. In those occasions, the custom-made POS display is what you need to attract the attention of your customers. They can be whatever you want them to be. Do you want a display that resembles a bath? You can have one. Custom solutions are especially useful around celebrations. We offer custom printing solution at Dubaiprint.com and all you need is to fill a simple form that you can find here.

Think of the giant brand like Coca-Cola, or Kinder. They do not spare resources on their POS displays, and that is the main reason we all know them and go for their product whenever given a choice. If you still think if you should take one or not, read in our other blog post How POS Displays Can Help Boost Sells. It will certainly help you to make the right decision.

At Dubaiprint.com we have a wide selection of POS displays that are both fun, and elegant. Check out our POS display section, and browse our website to find the one that fits your needs best. We promise to execute your design on time, and with exceptional attention to details. Contact us if you want to learn more or ask questions. We will be happy to answer the