2018 Aug 10

6 Marketing Materials Your Healthcare Company Needs – Checklist


Are you in the healthcare business? Do you feel like it’s time to think about marketing? Well, must know that it’s always the right time for marketing. You have to think about selling a product or service long before that product or service enters the market. You have to inform people about the product. And then, keep them reminded all the time. You need to make your product a part of your customers’ everyday lives. In this article by Dubaiprint.com, we will go over some basic marketing materials that any healthcare company needs.

1. Folded Leaflets

Do you own a small pharmacy or a dental clinic? Or are you working for an entire hospital? No matter what’s your healthcare business, there are always times when you have people (mostly patients) waiting in lines. And all those people are worried about many things. They wonder what they’ll hear now or what the effect of their treatment will be. So give your customers information.

Use folded leaflets to give your patients and visitors the answers to all their questions. This is the typical content marketing. You have to give people the information they need right now (in a branded layout, of course). The visitors find answers in your personalized leaflets, and they start trusting you more as if you know everything. Thus, you become an authority. Then these patients share the information with their friends and families, and your brand awareness grows.

Moreover, you can hand out your leaflets wherever you think people might need the information about you. You can start with schools if the local legislation allows to: first, you educate the children, then they grow up to remember you as an authority and become your loyal customers. And you have no idea how your business will benefit from this simple marketing activity in the long-term perspective.

2. Posters

Again, we strongly recommend the educative approach to marketing. Informative posters will increase your expert authority just like leaflets. But unlike leaflets, they are visually more attractive. Here we recommend using engaging design rather than simple text blocks. Infographics are an excellent solution – both informative and visually appealing.

Here’s another useful idea for posters: social ads. An anti-smoking poster on the wall of an oncology center is one of the classic examples.

Leave a memorable impression with the information your customers have been looking for.

3. Letterheads

In the healthcare business, everything needs to be written down and saved in the patient history, in the archives or elsewhere.

Also, the patients get their copies of test results and many other documents. To maintain your brand, you need to present all of those docs on customized and branded letterheads. A personalized letterhead will make you look more professional and will add up to your brand awareness. This printed product is one of the most cost-effective marketing materials, and its value is great, compared to the price. You were going to use those papers anyway, so why not add some branding? You’ll be surprised – the price hardly differs.

4. Customized Envelopes

Now, you’re not going to hand over those letterheads just like that, are you? Surely, you will need envelopes as well. If you’ve never ordered branded envelopes before, the variety of custom features will surprise you. There are plenty of options for materials and sizes. Find the ones your brand needs and order right away!

There’s a big chance that your patients will keep their documents in your envelopes for a long time. This means that they’ll spread the word about your company among the people they trust.

5. Prescription Pads

Another thing that you would use anyway – but better use as a marketing tool – is the prescription pads/NCR Books. Don’t miss the chance to customize those pads with your company branding. The pads come in various sizes and materials. Just find what fits your healthcare company best!

And one more important fact here: the quality of the materials you use forms an opinion about your professionalism. This implies the printed items as well. Both consciously and subconsciously people tend to think that true professionals pay attention to every detail and keep everything as neat as possible.

6. Business Cards

Is there a need to remind you about the importance of business cards? Handing over a business card is almost the same as a handshake. It’s the moment when the person you meet gets the first impression about you.

What’s essential in branding – you have to design the business cards for each of your employees in an identical manner. It’s a must if you want to represent your brand more accurately.

And remember, in the healthcare company, satisfied and healthy patients are the best marketing. Whatever you decide to do, keep your professionalism in the first place. But never forget to remind people about your professionalism in a proper way.