2019 Oct 21

11 Fun Birthday Celebration Ideas to Rescue Your Party


So, your or a close person’s birthday is approaching. You obviously want to make everyone happy and make unforgettable memories. But it’s easier said than done. Most of the time, it seems like when you need birthday celebration ideas the most, nothing seems to come to your mind.

Decorations, foods, drinks, games — there is so much to think about! If you found yourself in the pitiful position, we are happy to help. We have served the web (and referred to our personal experiences) to compile a list with exciting birthday celebration ideas you can use to host a party everyone would love. Find the one that speaks to you best and try it out — we are sure you will not regret trying.

Throw a thematic party

Have a favorite TV show, sports team, game, movie, or a band? It means you just found the perfect way to celebrate a party. Not only will you immensely enjoy being surrounded by the images and character stands with your favorite character — your guests are likely to enjoy it just as much.

Use the occasion to set up an environment that you have always wanted to immerse yourself in. You will create memories that neither you nor your friends will forget.

Get into board games

The next one on our list of birthday celebration ideas is the concept we are excited about the most. We are beyond happy about is that game boards are becoming cool again. There are many board game options you can learn about right now and chose the one that suits the party occasion and the people you will play with the most.

Fun Birthday Celebration

There will be something for you whether you enjoy playing challenging strategies or fun games with little meaning. Some demand more physical engagement some less. In the digital age, a little break from your phone and real, physical interaction is what we crave the most. And your birthday party might be the best occasion to make it happen.

Organize a scavenger hunt

If you are into planning and games, then go for the option. A scavenger hunt is a game with puzzles and tasks designed for a group of people to achieve a final goal. The game can be competitive and cooperative. You can make your friends fight against each other for the treasure or make them all solve one puzzle and strengthen their team spirit.

Even if you don’t feel like creating one yourself, you can find something online. There is a great variety of games you can find and use in your preparation. An option for more proactive people, it is a great way to engage everyone and make sure all of them are having fun.

Cozy stay-at-home

As we get older, it becomes more and more difficult to spend time with friends and even family members. And sometimes, all we want to do when you have time to hand out is just catching up on each other and spend quality time.

Birthday Celebration Ideas

It does not mean, however, that you should forgo any preparation. Set the right tone and create a cozy atmosphere to help people relax and just hang out. Sometimes, it is the best thing to do.

Organize a road trip

Great idea for a family birthday with kids. Use the occasion to get away with your friends and family. You will spend time in nature, prepare food outside, and spend time with your loved ones playing games and just chatting away. Road trips are known for creating unforgettable memories for all the members involved.

The best thing about them is that it is like hosting many parties at once. You can do all the things you wanted to do without having to choose only one if that’s your style.

Go to a concert

Instead of spending time at home, you can invite everyone to a concert or a special event. Not only you will get to celebrate your or your friends’ birthday then, but you will also enjoy good music or watch a good movie.

 Fun Birthday Celebration Ideas

Our tip — if you want the evening to feel special, go for less obvious options. Maybe visit a small classic theatre, or look for a traditional music band. That way, you will also learn something new about the city and its members, doubling up on the experience.

Time travel

Why not immerse yourself in another time? You will never transport to say the 60s of the last century, but you can make it feel like you just did.

Decorate the room or the location with the time-specific paintings, play the right music, and serve your guests the right dishes. You can also arrange your tableware in the right style. Do all it takes to channel the right vibe, and the result will surprise you.

If you want to take it one step further, you can ask your guests to dress in a certain way and maybe even mimic the manners of the time you are trying to portray. Unforgettable memories — guaranteed.

Make food together

Food, friends, and fun is a recipe for any successful party. How can you turn your birthday celebration into everyone’s ultimate favorite? Well, cook food together! If you are a person who feels like bonding when they do something together with other people, then it is a perfect way to spend time together.

Fun Birthday Celebration

While preparing a pizza together might seem like something new, making food together should be one of the oldest ways of spending time with each other.

Switch things up

The best way to spice up your birthday party is to change up something about it. Why not replace the dinner food with breakfast? Give toasts yourself and say thank you to the people you have invited instead of only receiving them? Or you can also ask people to come in advance and help you with decorations. There are so many ways to spend the evening and tweak the formula a little, making it feel new and fresh.

Cocktail party

This one is, of course, a little tricky. You need to be of legal drinking age and drink alcohol to make it work. But if you are an adult and enjoy having two drinks with your close friends from time to time, hosting a fun cocktail party where you and your friends can get to try out different drinks, and experiment with recipes can be beyond fun.

Have a larger budget? Then you can ask a professional barista or mixologist to create a special drink for you and your friends. Cocktails can be custom-made to the taste of your friends with all their favorite ingredients and drinks. Your guests will remember the part for a long time after that. Getting a special drink that has been custom made for you isn’t something that happens every day.

Fun Birthday Celebration Ideas

Alternatively, you can look up alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes online and experiment with that. If that is not something you would want to do, ask your guests to bring a bottle of their favorite drink and bring it with them. That way, you will not only make sure you have enough alcohol at home but also get to know the people better. Maybe there is someone who you were sure was a whiskey person, but they end bring a bottle of champagne. That is an interesting discovery that is sure to become a topic for a great conversation.

Don’t be afraid to try different birthday celebration ideas

Just as with almost anything else, the best way to figure out which idea from the list of the birthday celebration is the best you for you, experience, and try many of them out. No matter what you do, however, don’t forget that the end goal is to have fun.

Luckily, with all the friends and relatives’ birthdays and your own, you will hardly be in shortage of the occasion.