2018 Oct 15

How to Decorate Your Home with Dubaiprint.com


Decorating your house is both incredibly exciting and worrying. On one hand, it is the most creative and rewarding process imaginable — you basically turn an image from your head into a reality. But once you get into it, things stop being black and white. Every choice becomes a challenge — it seems like all the wallpapers you want are always out of stock, all the paintings are of the wrong size, and nothing goes the way you wanted. We’ve all been there, I get it.

That is where custom printing solutions will save your life. At Dubaiprint.com we care about creating the best designs so that you can spend the time you have doing something else. With us, you can solve the following problems in a matter of minutes:


The shops might not have the wallpaper you are looking for, but you can be sure that Dubaiprint.com will. Since we can print wallpapers of any size with any patterns and materials, you can think of us as a shop with limitless options. If you find a great design on Pinterest or want to have the same pattern as someone in your favorite show has, then we are the place to go. Considering that wallpapers will be covering the walls of your room for a very long time, the extra effort will quickly pay off.


Finding THE right carpet is even more challenging. When you are creating the home of your dreams you cannot just pick the first pattern that the store has in stock. It is hardly going to do any good. The decorations, colors, and patterns should match the rest of the room. Since traveling to every shop in the city is practically impossible, printing the carpet you wanted is the most rational option.

Mouse Pads

If you take your home design seriously a mouse pad also cannot be random. It should both reflect your interest and add something interesting to your room. The devil is in the details, isn’t it?

Custom-made mouse pads are often the most cost and time-effective solution. When used right, their color pattern can spice up the interior. Let’s not forget that they are also great presents, but can ruin the mood of your room if they do not fit the interior.

Photo Canvases

Photo canvases can breathe a modern lifestyle into any household. With them, you can transform the boring naked walls of your room. They are a beautiful alternative to the classical printed photos, that can make them feel like real canvases. So if you ever thought about adding some Raphael or Rembrandt to your room, but did not particularly want to spend all your life savings on them, then these custom canvases are the way to go.

Framed Photo Canvas

Printing on canvases is great but it does not mean that you should sacrifice the framed version if the latter is going to suit you better. If that is the way you want to decorate your room then choose the framed photo canvases. It is an interesting turn on the classical frames, which adds something special to them. Since canvas photos look and feel more expensive so do the framed versions.


Coasters are small and are often left unnoticed. But they can make a big difference, turning any room into something special. They are not only cute presents but also a simple and nice way of setting the tone for the room. They can add colors, and spice up the room. It is not like choosing chairs, or something that you choose once and can never change. They are simple and quick and do not require many resources.

Custom Solutions

The list might have not been small already, but it was not in any terms definitive. The best thing about Dubaiprint.com is that we also offer custom-made solutions. In other words, you can come to us with an idea for a print you have and we will make it work. We do not have limitations for materials, techniques, and quantities. Our team understands that many of the ideas you have are not always easy to find, and we do not want you to feel like your creativity can never see light.

Creating the home of your dreams should not be a problem. It should be an enjoyable process and we at Dubaiprint.com do our best to make sure it is. We have been printing for many years, and we have learned to perform designs with attention to details, and quality.

We enjoy being the go-to place for all of your printing needs and execute all your printing projects in minimum time. Let us know if you want to learn more, need help designing a solution, or want to learn more about our prices. We will be happy to hear from you.