2019 Mar 1

15 Cute Coffee Mug Sayings That Will Make Anyone Smile


Sometimes, a mug is better than a thousand words. Even more so, cute coffee mug sayings are like superheroes. They might not look all-powerful from the first sight, but once you learn what they are actually capable of, you get why everyone needs them.

Not only they help to decorate your desktop but also can raise your spirit and make it possible to face even the most difficult things ahead. But that is not all — cute coffee mug sayings can help showcase your personality, make friends, and meet new people.

All you need to do to unleash its superpower is customize it with a funny caption. So, to help you out with that mission we have collected 15 cute coffee mug sayings that can surely make anyone smile.

1.“I don’t know; google it”

No other phrase speaks millennials in the way this one does. You probably have wanted to say it more than once. So, why not let the mug speak for you. It will raise a smile on anyone’s smile… and maybe even stop someone from asking pointless questions. In other words, this cute saying is a win-win choice. If you are not sure, just google it.

2. iPhone, therefore I am.

This is what will happen if you ask a millennial the greatest philosophical question. French philosopher would have probably said it too if the iPhone existed back in the days. The mug will definitely make you and the people smile. And of course, you can also gift the mug to a friend that you think enjoys Apple’s technology a little too much.

3. A Wi-Fi password saved
is a Wi-Fi password earned

Who can disagree? Nothing can make you feel at home the way being automatically connected to a wi-fi can. And if you did manage to connect to wi-fi somewhere, we all can agree that it is a wi-fi password you have earned. At least, that is what people say, and who we are to disagree.

4. Not today.

Some might say this phrase is for lazy, but we all know that it also be for the brave. Of course, it is about chores and work you do not want to do. But the phrase that can also be sort of a self-care. And that is a perfect saying for a coffee mug.

5. What would ____ do

It is a cute coffee mug saying that will remind you of your role model. It will help you make taught decisions and face a difficult problem. Sometimes, being simply reminded of the people you admire — be it your parent, favorite actor, or fictional characters — is the only thing you need. As a bonus point, a free smile from anyone looking at the mug is guaranteed.

6. Error 404: Person Not Found

We know how annoying it is to receive this error message… The only thing more annoying is getting talked to before you had your morning coffee. This mug will warn everyone to stay away from you before you had your energizing drink in the most polite way. Hopefully, all the people that need to get the message will do and ‘ leave the page’ until you decide to start working again.

7. Harry Potter: Espresso Patronum

A cute coffee mug saying Harry Potter fans will certainly fill you with energy. When you are feeling down and need a quick boost of energy, the mug will be by your side to remind you to take a much-wanted break. And who knows, maybe coffee is your patronum. If you are not sure whether coffee can be patronum or not since it is not an animal in the most obvious way, check out the saying below.

8. Coffee is My Spirit Animal

So, coffee can be a spirit animal and it actually already is for many people. Can you imagine how boring and difficult the world would have been without an energizing cup coffee? That’s right, very much so.

9. I’m Silently Correcting Your Grammar

This saying is for all the people that can’t stand bad grammar and a morning without a cup of coffee. If it is about you or any person you know, then they find the mug delightful. Also, it will make people smile and make them a little more conscious of how they speak.

10. Feeling 100

This cute coffee mug saying is for all the people that like feeling good and using cute emojis. It will remind them to stay on top of their game and greet everyone with a smile. And everyone knows that a cup of coffee is how you can feel better.

11. A yawn is a silent scream for coffee

We all know the feeling, don’t we? If hunger signals that your body needs food, a yawn (or a couple of them) says that you quickly need to get your hands around a large cup of coffee. You will probably not argue that if your mug has this reminder typed on it, you will hardly ever neglect that need. It is one of those cute coffee mug sayings that will not only make everyone smile but also remind you to take care of your energy levels.

You little rebel, I like you

Have you made past the first line? If you did, then you are a curious soul, and we do like you. It is one of those cute coffee mug sayings that will get anyone smiling. Don’t be surprised if people start laughing and smiling at you after they read the lines. You will make their day, and they will reward you with a most genuine smile instead.

13. Cold hands, warm heart

If you are one of those people whose hands get easily cold, this saying should be on your mug. It will remind you and the people around you that there is nothing wrong with. The cute saying will warm both your soul and body.

14. Me? Weird? Always.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable for being a little weird and extraordinary you can be proud of it! The mug with this saying is for all the people that do not want to feel embarrassed for liking strange hats and speaking a little loudly. At the end of the day, everybody is weird in their own way and it is better to embrace it instead of running away.

15. Be the person your dog thinks you are.

Of course, you should always strive to be a better person. So this one is pretty self-explanatory — a good reminder for you to stay cute, kind, and curious.

Did any of those Cute Coffee Mug Sayings make you smile? 🙂

If it did, then there is no doubt that it will make you or the person you think about gifting it to feel the same way. Having a mug with one of those lines typed over it will undoubtedly get everyone — including yourself — smiling for an entire day.

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