2020 Feb 15

7 Cool T-Shirt Design Ideas to Fit Your Taste


T-shirts are the world’s favorite piece of clothing. We can see why — they are comfortable, universal, and affordable. The only thing that can make the already cool clothing cooler is fun T-shirt design ideas. That way, the T-shirt will not only be a must-have in your closet but also reflect your personality and communicate something personal.

Who doesn’t love a comfy T-shirt? Definitely not us.

Feel inspired all-day long


So, you woke up feeling grumpy in the morning?

We might have an idea about how you can solve that problem. How about putting a T-shirt on with something inspiring?

So, spend some time. Think of a message that would make it worth a while to go out and face a day and give yourself the pep talk you so desperately need. Just in case nothing comes to mind, we have a list of inspiring quotes that will look great on a T-shirt.

“Just do it” isn’t a powerful message for no reason.   It works! It makes you just want to do it.

Having an inspirational T-shirt is one of these T-shirt design ideas you just need to have in your closet. It’s a tried and tested way to raise your mood and if the message is fun, maybe even the mood of people around.

Inspirational words on white and black T-shirts

Add a meaningful symbol


Why people like Tattoos so much? Or pieces of jewelry? Our guess, one reason is that they represent something you care about. They are symbols of something valuable that they want to have with them or on them everywhere they go.

But if a tattoo is something too risky for you and jewelry is something you don’t have extra money for, a T-shirt with a meaningful symbol might be a good replacement.

While not expensive, a favorite symbol on a T-shirt can communicate a message. Commitments and problems free.


White custom-made T-shirts with symbols

Put “To be, or not to be, that is the question… ”


We all have a favorite quote — the one we still remember from school or something that stroke us as meaningful at an important point in our life. It’s something that you probably always want to have with you and, well, you can.

Time to put that quote to use and a T-shirt might just be the right place. The best place to go? We think it’s Goodreads. With countless quotes sorted by the author and tags, you’ll definitely find the one that speaks to you.

Just as the quote, the T-shirt will become your favorite, warming your heart and making you feel better every day. It can inspire, make you laugh, remind you of something — it can do anything.

Seriously, what not to like?

Female and male t-shirts with inspirational quotes

Make a pop-culture reference and find new friends


Are you a big fan of Marvel movies? Or maybe you’re head over hills over sci-fi novels of Azimov? Then we have something for you as well.

T-shirts design ideas with pop-culture references are some of the coolest. At the end of the day, your fandom can say as much about you as any descriptive essay. Show the world how cool it is to like something you like, and you’ll make friends in no time.

We promise it wouldn’t take long for someone to ask which Star Wars movies is your favorite if you wear a T-shirt with its famous logo.

T-shirt design with popular culture references

Illustrate it


If you want a beautiful T-shirt that will go with your outfit, the one with just a simple illustration can be the one.

You don’t need your T-shirt to scream something for it to matter. If you have digital artwork in mind that you can stare at for hours, then it’s the way to go. There’s something cool about well-done illustrations. They can feel inspiring.

And, of course, don’t forget that the T-shirt and its illustration will also say a lot about your personality. There isn’t a better ice-breaker than someone comments on how cool the art on your T-shirt is.

T-shirts design ideas with fun illustrations for women and men

Make people laugh


You have a great sense of humor? Want to make someone’s day? Then a T-shirt with a funny joke is perfect for you.

Good jokes are something our worlds need more of. And if a T-shirt can help you change your or someone’s mood, why not use it for that noble purpose?

They can make you laugh, easy any disappointment. Because even if you spill a cup of coffee on your papers, you have a cool T-shirt that can make everything seem better. Talk about superpowers.

And if nothing comes to mind — check out the T-shirts below and pick one that stole a giggle out of you. You own it something now.

Different t-shirt designs with funny illustrations and images

Put a classical art spin on a modern T-shirt


If you want your T-shirt to be more sophisticated, classic art might be the way to go.

You have a wide variety to choose from — anyone from Raphael to Van Gogh can become your everyday companion. Their artworks will give a cool touch to your T-shirt, making them something you would want to wear when you’re feeling fancier.

Of course, you need not keep in serious. After all, adding a mustache over Mona Lisa’s turns her into L.H.O.O.Q. by Marcel Duchamp. If you add a personal touch, you can turn it into another masterpiece.

Raised eyebrows and meaningful conversations over where Picasso was the artist of the 20th century or not are guaranteed.

Custom T-shirts with art works by Klimt and Van Gogh

Create promotional T-shirts… cooler ones


We couldn’t forget about one of the most popular custom T-shirt design ideas. Promotional T-shirts can be a uniform, promotional material, a fun present, and even cool merchandise you can use for sale. They are useful, compact, and versatile.

When we think of promotional T-shirts, we often think of a boring tee with just a logo on. But let’s all agree that neither you nor your customer can do much with a T-shirt like that. They will wear it at work, maybe and maybe eventually turn it into a home clothing.

Is that really the fate you want for your promotional T-shirt? We bet it isn’t. And it shouldn’t be.

You can be creative and create a T-shirt with an illustration that people want to wear. Funny mascots, fun quotes, beautiful symbols all will do the job just as well.

Custom-made made promotional t-shirts for Dubaiprint and NDigitec

T-shirt design ideas for everyone


The best thing about T-shirts is that they are for everyone. They have many uses, and even if it isn’t something you can wear to work, you can wear them to a gym, wear them out at home, or when you casually hanging out with friends.

No matter who you are, where you are, there is probably a T-shirt out there for you. It’s just waiting for you to make it.