2022 Dec 13

Why 3D Printing Is The Best Printing Solution


Printing is not only about paper anymore. Just as the movies and fictional novels predicted — the three-dimensional printing of personalized, and on-demand items is here. 3D printing has confidently entered our lives and is here to stay and transform the way we live for the better.

Contrary to common belief, 3D printing is not a very new invention and does not involve magic. In its essence, it is a manufacturing process that helps to produce solid three dimensional objects. The printer melts a material of choice to reproduce computer-generated models layer by layer. That seemingly simple process allows for technology to produce incredibly complex models. It has been used in production since the last century, but the machine was only used by large-scale production companies.

Everything has changed with the creation of portable 3D printers. They allowed shifting the focus from the quantity of a product to its quality. With a three-dimensional printer, anyone now can print models that will solve specific problems on demand. That is what makes 3D printing special — it is a problem-solving machine right at your desk.

If you are not convinced yet whether 3D printing is for you or not, here are five reasons that will prove to you that you need it in your life.



It might seem that to 3D print an object you need to have at least an engineering degree. Getting to understand how to use modeling software and technologies might feel incredibly intimidating. The truth is it is way less scary than conventional manufacturing. The models are also much cheaper in the end. Yes, you need to know a little bit of software to create a model. Yes, you need to understand technology. But once you do you will have a tool in your hands with limitless possibilities. Even if do not think you need a 3D printer or maybe do not have the time to learn the technology, you can still use personalized solutions.

There are companies that will realize your 3D printing ideas — Dubaiprint.com being one of them. Most times, it might even be a better choice since those printing companies have an access to better experts and technologies.


Another good thing about 3D printing is that it helps to save time. By printing solutions, you will not need to spend countless hours hunting for that one mug you have been dreaming to get. You will not need to wait weeks or even months for a broken plastic part of some kind of a toy or technology to arrive. All you need is to recreate the design of the element in digital format and print it — the overall process might take you less than an hour.



What also makes 3D printing great is that is has found use in a variety of industries. Three-dimensional models are currently used by designers, doctors, scientists, architectures, and teachers for a variety of purposes. It is used to produce mockups and real objects that can be used in everyday life. The medical industry even relies on it to be the next breakthrough in the organ transplant industry. It is at the heart of many innovations that might change the way we work in the future.

Even though it found revolutionary uses in important industries, the new printers are not only about work. One of the widely used applications of 3D printing is fun and entertainment. People use it to print toys, games, and stationaries to name a few.



Of course, you can find a practical application to the 3D printed models. It is about creating convenience and solving problems that create discomfort. If a part of the toy or some items around the house break, you can repair it right at your desk. You can print kitchen utilities that will help you store and organize your house easier. You can get thousands of ideas of what to print by looking through a list of useful things to print with a 3D printer. If you feel particularly adventurous, you can engineer something yourself. In other words, the technology that makes your life much easier is already here.



The other thing that makes 3D printing so great is that it is all about personalization. The products you print should not be defined by archaic manufacturing standards that came before. If you are left-handed and feel like the entire world has conspired to make your life unbearable 3D printers are your rescuers. Not only that — you can customize any object based on your specific dimensions and preferences. We are all different and have our unique quirks which could not possibly be taken care of using the old-fashioned production methods.

We have entered a new age. Printing is not only about paper anymore. Just as a while ago, home printers made written materials more accessible the same is true for all kinds of items now. 3D printers are like manufacturing factories where you are the owner, the designer, and the craftsman all by yourself. Only imagine what you can do with that kind of powerful machine at your disposal.

After reading this list or looking through some of the lists of things to print with a 3D printer you might have something you would love to have for yourself. If you do not feel like investing in an expensive machine or learning software just yet, then you are in the right place. At Dubaiprint.com we do not limit ourselves to 2D printing. We offer 3D printing services and use the best technologies to ensure the quality of the models. Visit our 3D printing services page to learn more, and contact us if you want a unique solution designed. We will be happy to turn your ideas into reality.