2018 Nov 6

Popular Printing Methods Used by Printing Companies in the UAE


Personalized printing is transforming the retail industry. Today, when you can buy anything from a nearby supermarket, many commodities have lost their charm. That is why you might want everyday items — like mugs, T-shirts, and photo books — to feel a little more special. That is where digital companies come into play. So, they are certainly very useful… but the methods used by printing companies in Dubai and anywhere in the world to produce the perfect prints still seem like a mystery.

If you are interested in how decorations and promotional materials are produced, then you will find this guide with methods of printing companies in Dubai use both helpful and entertaining.


Offset lithography or just offset is the standard commercial method of printing. It gets its name from the fact that the image is not transferred directly to the paper, but first on the offset cylinder from the plate cylinder. The underlying principle of offset lithography is that the fact that oil (or oil-based ink in our case) do not mix. The water adheres to the non-image area and the ink to the places where the image is supposed to be. The offset method uses the CMYK color model. It means that all four colors — cyan, magenta, yellow, and black — are printed separately, using four sets of offset printers.

It is the most popular method of printing, not at least because of how fast and cost-effective it is. Offset printing is used for books, newspapers, packaging, and corporate printing and much more. It is used both for small and high-volume productions.


The method is similar to that of offset printing. To produce the prints the paper again goes through rolled cylinders. This time images and texts are not printed from standard, but rubber plates. Also, unlike the offset printing, for printing using flexo plates, you need water-based ink. Their advantage is that they dry out a lot quicker and that allows for faster production. Flexo plates can also be used to reproduce quality prints on many types of both absorbent and non-absorbent materials.

The rolls of paper that go into the machine allow for a continuous printing process with only a few interruptions in between the refills. That allows for high volume production without frequent refills. It also makes them perfect for printing continuous patterns such as on wrapping paper and wallpaper. Flexo printing is also used to print product packaging and labels.


Rotogravure or gravure printings is one of the oldest printing methods. It allows for the high-speed production of crisp images with a wide variety of colors. Since the image is transferred directly from an acid-etched metal cylinder with the engraving to the paper, the speed of production drastically increases.

If more than one color is used in the production, an engraving is made for every single color used. It is a more expensive way to produce prints, especially if we are talking about short runs. But for the same reason, it is the best option for long-run productions, since it allows for millions of impressions.

This method is mainly used to produce high-volume packaging, wallpaper, and gift wraps. Sometimes it is also used in very high-volume advertising, and magazines.

Before, printing was available either to only a few people or just high-volume production companies, but now all those methods are used to execute even small orders. Personalized digital printing is not new. It has been widespread in the west, and not without reason. In comparison with conventional printing, online printing platforms are much more convenient and transparent. They often offer a wider variety of printing options all of which can be delivered right to your door. GCC countries have only recently realized the potential this industry has but despite that, they are not in any way inferior in quality compared to their European and American counterparts.

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All of those types of printing are used to produce prints by printing companies in the GCC region. You do not even need to go outside to order a print of a promotional table, a new menu for your cafe, a roller banner, and even 3D prints. With the digital printing platforms, you allow yourself to get access to the best prints right at your desk.

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