2020 Jun 20

Ways to Avoid Viruses in the Office


We are living in challenging times now. The whole world is fighting an infection that will remain in our memories for a very long time. People changed the course of their lives trying to avoid viruses by all means. Numerous educational institutions, business centers switched to home learning and work. People really have no other choice because the only weapon against this epidemic is isolation.

In this difficult time when the whole world is calling everyone to stay home, many institutions do not have that opportunity and people still have to work outside. Realizing the situation, it is important to determine the necessary actions to avoid viruses. These rules and actions we provide will be useful not only for today but for your whole life.

Wash Hands Frequently

Washing hands is an action without which everything else you do will be useless. You are probably using the elevator regularly, touching the door handles, light switches that contain millions of bacteria on their surface. Realizing what consequences bacteria can have, washing hands during daily office time should become a routine. Normally people have to wash their hands at least 20 seconds, especially before eating and after using the bathroom.

For the people who work in an office, touch, and use tools, washing hands is an unavoidable requirement. They should include this in their daily routine, not only at the office but also at home so that it becomes a good habit. All kinds of disease come from a lack of hygiene, that is why frequent hand washing must be a priority.

Using Masks and Face Shields

This is a reliable and safe way to avoid any unwanted infection in the office. Working in open areas and avoiding collisions is virtually impossible. Therefore, each office must have appropriate clothing in order to survive in an emergency.

When there is a business meeting, convention, or gathering, appearing without a mask can be risky not only for the employee but also for their colleagues. It is desirable to wear masks while attending conferences, and it is a must-have while coughing, sneezing, and speaking.

Face shields are specially designed to protect workers’ faces in general from any undesirable splashes. In extreme cases, when an employee does not have the option to leave the office and wants to somehow protect himself from being infected, it can be a real lifesaver. Face shields and masks together protect workers’ faces from touching, pollution, sudden drops, and dashes. With these two personal pieces of equipment, workers will be physically safe.

Sanitizing the Workspace

Soap and water are not the only weapons to fight against the epidemic. If there is no chance of working at home and the risk of infection is high enough, a bottle of hand sanitizer should reign on each employee’s desktop. Using hand sanitizer is a quick way to disinfect the desk, hands, and all the items you touch frequently.

Naturally, hand sanitizer does not have that power to replace soap and water. Using hands sanitizer is a quick way to disinfect hands when there is no access to wash them as accepted. If there is no dirt on the items and no grime on the hands of an employee, it is strong enough to wash away any viral contaminants.

These days, appropriate preparation is mandatory at any building. It is advisable to have sanitizing stations near the entrance of each building where people could disinfect their hands and undergo a proper medical examination before entering.

Avoid Physical Contact (hugs and handshakes)

This is one of the easiest ways that employees can undertake to prevent themselves from viruses in the office.

Working at the office means working with numerous people that go in and out of the building every minute. That means, during critical times, employees should limit physical contact, especially hugs and handshakes, when possible. It is clear that handshaking or hugging is the most common way to greet and congratulate in our everyday life. But it is also known, during the epidemic, or illness of a particular employee, once hugged, the virus is momentarily transmitted to the new hosts.

It is understandable that for some people avoiding physical contact might be hard to implement. But employees, especially those, who work in an open space full of crowds should realize that keeping a social distance is vital during an epidemic. In such situations, it is desirable to cover the office with safety signs, posters with precautions to remind people that the most essential way to avoid viruses is the vigilance towards the environment, and people.

These were the main rules that each employee should keep to avoid viruses in the office. If the job requires you to stay in the office and work under risky circumstances, not keeping the above-mentioned rules can be fatal.

All employees should practice social distancing, wear protective equipment the office provides, wash, and sanitize hands as often as possible. Washing hands before eating must be the number one priority. Only by following these rules, employees can achieve the desired result.