2019 Nov 4

5 Store Design Ideas to Help You Gain Customers


When you are opening a shop, you can go a million different ways. You can create something chill and simple or go with something more original, creating a design that would. The retail interior is the most important thing some might say. Some others might say that the store design ideas you use will be the reason customers come to your shop.

The way your customers feels at the store is crucial to whether or not they will make a purchase. Only a small percentage of people come to a brick and mortar shop, knowing what they want to buy. Most of them make a decision while walking between the shelves, trying on the jewelry, and touching the material of the product.

Visually pleasing and simple clothes store layout

No wonder they do — in the digital world, where you can buy almost anything online in an instant, one of the biggest benefits the real shop can offer is the experience. So now, more than ever, businesses need to make their shops more attractive because today they are not only competing with a shop next door but an entire network of shops online within the country and outside of it.

Sounds scary, right? Well, it is a little. But it does not mean your situation is hopeless. There are tricks you can use (most of them fairly inexpensive) to make your shop look more attractive to the customer and win them over.

Let’s dive right into it…

Trick or treat

You might have heard about the tricks companies used to convince customers to make a purchase. It might also sound crazy to you, by ignoring some of those ideas you are definitely doing your business a disservice.

A table in the middle acting as a speed bump as a store design idea

You should create little bumps to stop your visitor nearby by the shelves. Placing tables can do it, instead of using only shelves in the middle of the shop. That way, they will be more willing to slow-down and look at the shelves or the selection presented on the table.

Remember that people look at their right side first — so it will only be rational to place the products you want to sell the most on the right side.

Take everything as an opportunity

When you are setting up your store, everything is an opportunity for you to attract new customers and gain attention. So, it is super important to use this opportunity wisely.

Luxurious store layout with simple shelves and tables in the middle

Your windows, floors, shelves, counter, and everything in between should serve a purpose, helping you attract people who are passing by, the ones who are getting ready to make a purchase, etc. If you are familiar with inbound marketing, it is very much like it.

Think not in terms of what might look good (at least not only) but also consider the customer journey. Try to get into the head of your customers, placing the POS displays and reinforcing your message whenever appropriate. Remember, it is the real people you are working with.

Keep it clean

While it might have more products at your shop might be tempting. Use every corner for something. But if you want to attract customers, don’t rush to act on that urge. Not only staffed shops are difficult to navigate — they are almost impossible to choose from. When the customer enters that kind of shop, nothings seem attractive.

Clean and simple layout design of a designer store

If you are not an outlet and the low prices aren’t your main selling point, it’s better to make the place look more spacious. So, keep it clean and organized. Make it so that every item has its place that it can safely return to after being used.

Sustainability everywhere, sustainability for everyone

While decorations are great and can completely transform your shop. And to make your shop attractive, you might need many of them, whether it is an Instagram frame or a cool character stands. If you do not have an infinite amount of money to spend of those kids of stands, try to make the most out of the ones you have.

Strategically arranged shelves at a book store

Order universal decorations that can be repurposed for other upcoming holidays. You can also purchase ready-made displays from other businesses. With creativity, you will turn them into yours without difficulty.

Engage the senses

While visual sense is engaged in the experience like nothing else, it is not the only one at your disposal. The psychological studies show that the more senses are engaged, the easier it becomes to remember something.

Sport shoe shop with chairs and numerous shelves

Think of the store you have been impressed by the most — it probably had a special scent you can’t get throughout your mind. Any time you sense it, you will think of the shop. That is the long-term marketing you probably are longing for.

The other thing you can use is hearing. Create a special Spotify playlist and fill the place with music. Not only it will make the process more interesting, but people will also enjoy spending there a time more. Of course, there is a thing you should keep in mind. Try to keep it quiet.

Be creative with your store design ideas

While rules might help, they definitely shouldn’t decide for you what you should do. For budget store design ideas, you have hundreds of options. Sometimes you can get something new by just changing the place of your clothes or products.

When you are working on a shop design, though it is important to remember that your main goal is to make the experience more pleasant to your customers. So they feel welcome while trying to optimize to help them make a purchase.

It means you do not need expensive shelves or decorations that cost millions — all you need is to be smart with the resources you use. It is difficult; I know. But it is worth we effort — we are ready to help you how we can.