2018 Nov 23

How POS Displays Can Help You Boost Sales


Have you ever wondered why no matter where you are you have a feeling that Coka-Cola has a permanent presence there? Sure, the brand is famous for its ingenious TV commercials. But the other reason they are recognized everywhere is their heavy investment in Point-of-Sale displays (also known as POS displays).

POS displays are a marketing tool that helps customers make a purchase at the place where the products are sold. Their main purpose is to increase sales and drive attention to your brand, and they are known for being very effective at their job. That is why they became so popular, and you can encounter them at any place where goods are sold. Those locations include but are not limited to supermarkets, department stores, and other public spaces.

Companies often use them to introduce new products and special deals. They have a wide range of application but have proven to be exceptionally effective for both impulse purchases, and luxury items. For better or worse, their creative designs often attract the attention of children and teenagers, so if they are part of your demographic, then they are just a must-have.

If you are still thinking about whether you need to invest in POS displays or not, here are some reasons that might help you make a final decision, and convince you in their effectivity.

Reminders of your brand

Most buying decisions are made in the store. That is why if you want to remind people that they need to buy a product of your brand, POS display is the solution you are looking for. Let them speak for you right where your potential customers go to make a purchase.


It is one of the best branding tools. If you want your company to be famous and recognizable, then you need to make people remember it. The best way to present it is to spread information about it and make it more available everywhere. Whether you are a new brand that wants to start strong or an established company that wants to continue maintaining its place and position, the POS displays will help you reach that goal.

Additional information

Most companies do not have enough space to fit additional information on the packaging of their products. Maybe you want the people to know that the items are on sale, or that the flavor is special, or that it is the product of choice for kids right at the store. POS displays are large, and have more space and thus allow for more information to be presented.


POS displays are interactive. You can include VR elements with QR codes, and add even more interactive elements. But even without it, their look is more inviting than that of any other stand or display. And the more interaction you have with the something the better you will remember it. If that is something you have been looking for then you definitely should consider printing custom-made POS displays with your messages.

Effective usage of space

The other good thing about POS displays is that they help to use the space in the supermarket and other shops more efficiently. It not only helps companies promote their brand, but also helps retailers to optimize their space. By having POS displays they can display more products, and thus sell more.


The other aspect that makes POS displays so appealing is that there is a great variety of displays available. Posters, parametric shelves, and wobblers are all considered to be point-of-sales displays available that you can customize to your needs. It means that if you get creative with their designs you can easily attract extra attention to your products. That is never a bad thing!

There is no doubt whether POS displays are effective or not; they do their job perfectly, and if you want to build a stronger brand there is no better way going about this than using POS displays to boost your sells.

Try thinking of POS displays as a customer. Remember how many times you have stood in line and thought that you absolutely need that candy or gum that was placed on a beautiful stand. We bet many! Once in a while, it happens to everyone. Which for you, as a business owner means that POS displays are effective.

If that sounds like something you would like to do for your brand, consider printing a POS display at Dubaiprint.com. We have a wide selection of creative, and classic POS displays. Look through our point-of-sale displays, customize them with your unique message, and wait for the prints to be delivered right to your desired location. Contact us if you have any questions. As always, we will be happy to answer them!