2019 Mar 25

How miniME 3D Figurines Can Make Your Day Better


How do you capture memories and make them last forever? There are many ways, and some of them are used more than others. Like photos — they are accepted universally as one of the best ways to preserve treasured memories. But they often lose their value. At some point, we end up having so many that flipping through them stops being enjoyable. That is a problem a miniME can solve.

In its essence, miniME is a personalized small figurine made from gypsum. It is just as beautiful and good-looking as you are and can help you give shape and form to important memories and immortalize experiences. Those small figurines give you a chance to become heroes, cartoon characters, and celebrities. They are guaranteed to raise a smile on anyone’s face.

miniME will play the role of a beautiful bookmark in the story of your life, reminding you of life-changing moments in the most special. It is not just a photograph that is often being printed out, put in an album and only to be forgotten. It is a physical reminder of the wedding, graduation, birthday, or other celebration that will always be there to cheer you up.

Getting miniME is fun

To get a miniME 3D figurine, you need to take a trip to our lounge located in d3 (Dubai Design District). There, you will be greeted by our staff members. They will help you take a detailed scan of your face, using a 360-degree photo booth. The photo booth will capture the unique features of your face with detail that is then going to be used to create a realistic model of your face.

After getting your face scanned you will be given a chance to personalize your model and select its outfit and hairstyle. That is when you can show your creativity. You can turn yourself into a superhero, animal, or athlete. Or you use miniME to commemorate an important moment in your life — a wedding, birthday, or graduation.

To pick up the figurine you have created you need to come back to our lounge, or simply choose us to deliver the model to you. It can be a wedding venue, a cafe, or just any other public location or any other venue of your choice.

Make your memories matter

We are the heroes of our stories, but we rarely get a chance to celebrate all of our achievements and stories in a special way. But long gone are days, when only celebrities and popular fictional characters had the luxury of having their action figurines. Now, you can order a miniME 3D figurine at Dubaiprint.com and celebrate the happy memories you have made with your loved one, no matter how small or big they might seem from a side.