2020 Jan 25

11 Interior Design Ideas for When You Want a Change


Bohemian interior design with many bright pillows

Sometimes refreshing your life is a matter of changing up the set up of your room. Spicing things up, changing things up might be a great way to start a new life. Because what we see reflects on how we feel. Simple interior design ideas that can help you freshen up your design, without breaking a bank, are what you need in those cases.

Most of the time, refreshing your house is a matter of hanging a new painting or changing the location of your sofa. We have compiled a list with 11 basic tips that require little of an investment but can make it feel you are living in a different place entirely.

Light fixture makes a difference


If you are looking for a quick way to change up your home without having to redesign the entire location, the fastest and effective way to freshen up your design is to order a new light holder. Yes, light holder.

Being a central piece of many houses, they play a more significant role in setting an atmosphere than one would think. Depending on the style, they can make the room feel more spacious or more conventional, make it feel more exciting and mysterious.

Play with opposites


 Interior design ideas for people looking to balance retro style with modern aesthetic

Old and new, bright and dark, minimal, and grotesque are not only antonyms. Using contradictions might be one of the greatest interior design ideas.

Playing with opposites creates a balance. It makes the interior more interesting. Yes, there are many interior design styles. Yes, you can pick any of them. But it doesn’t mean you can’t play with both.

So, even if you have had a classier living room, add a modern chair to the interior instead of sticking with basics.

Metal accents


Mental accents can make the room feel more modern, exciting, and fresh. But for many, they feel like too much a commitment. Many styling guides would say that you should NEVER mix different types of metal. We are happy to debunk that myth.

Different metal accents can go well with each. The question is more in the piece’s style than in color itself. So, don’t be afraid to add a cool gold vase to your interior.

Touch of a wild


Classy white and black interior design of with many plants

Green has a soothing and calming effect. It’s true not only for the colors but for household plants and decorations.

If you want to create a fun little space, people would enjoy being at without going overboard, add a couple of house plants. If you wish to go all-in or keep things minimalistic, the right plant might be the thing you have thought has been missing.

Bold rug


Everyone knows that a good carpet is a luxury. People spend thousands of dollars to find the right one — the one that would have a story and be done masterfully, while still adding to the interior.

And rightly so. A cool rug can turn a dull room into a bohemian palace. It’s a power that shouldn’t be disregarded. So, if you want to freshen up your interior — look up the right rug.

Whether it will be a custom-made silly rug for your corridor or a carpenter’s pearl, will only depend on your budget and preferences.

Statement furniture


Light modern interior design with a strong blue furniture accent

Instead of trying to redesign your entire house, how about bringing one bold furniture piece? Not only it will freshen up the room but also add something special to the place. It will make it look more interesting; more yours.

It can be the color, it can be the design, it can be the material — you name it. There are countless options to choose from. Just look for something that would add and go with the room. We are sure every guest you have will wonder where you got it from.

Trust the colors


Colors can be a powerful instrument. They have meanings and can help evoke powerful feelings. You just need to know how to use them right.

Think of a feeling you would like your home to provoke. Do you want it to be calming or energizing? Or maybe you want to feel creative and inspired? The right color can help elevate that feeling.

You don’t even need to repaint your walls if something doesn’t feel to come along the right way. As we have talked about before, a cool rug or statement furniture might be just enough.

Do it yourself


A woman creating DIY mason jar to decorate her room with

Kids paintings, the dream catcher you have created yourself, a small little table you have compiled on your own — these all can make some most refreshing and most meaningful interior design ideas.

So, get out all the cute paintings and creative DIY you have done ages ago and think of exciting ways to use them for decorations. You would have given a lot of money to get something similar. No, save the money and put the seeds of your hard word to use. The meaningful decoration will become your favorite.

Work of art


Art is here to save the world and your interior design ideas. One of the coolest interior design ideas an artwork printed on an elegant canvas or add a geeky poster to your room.

A poster or a painting can give a theme or add an interesting hook for an eye, making your room more welcoming and charming. If you print a motivational poster or something you find soothing and experiencing, it can also help set the right mindset. And that can be priceless.

Interesting wallpaper


White and green room with an interesting green wallpaper and a statement sofa

You might not have time to repaint your walls. Changing up your entire interior is often also not an option. What you can do, however, is add a splash of color to your room. Pick a wall and a fun pattern, and there you have it.

Yes, it is a little more time consuming than just buying a new plant. No, it will not cost you a fortune or take a couple of weeks.

There are thousands of prints you can find online and use them to custom print your own unique wallpaper. You don’t even need to go outside to get them.

Don’t sacrifice convenience


This is one of the most important points. Whatever you plan to do this year to freshen up your house a little, never do it at the expense of comfort. Make it your role to make everything more comfortable with every change you make to your room.

Invest in high-quality sockets, have a lot of shelves and cabins to your staff, have a dedicated space for every single thing you put inside of your room. You can also think of the way to make your house smell good and consider having softer lighting.

Sometimes, all you need to freshen up your home is clean it the right way. And if you think it might be the case — don’t waste money. Just clean up!