2018 Nov 9

What to Pay Attention to in Packaging


They say “don’t judge a book by its cover” but we all know that it is what we do. If you post about how you ended up buying something simply because you liked the packaging many people will relate. Your followers and friends would flood the replies saying something like “same” and “me.”

Making a good first impression is crucial in all aspects of life including marketing. So what do you need to be looking out for when creating your packaging? What is going to attract people’s attention and make them want to get your product? What possible mistakes are there that might prevent people from buying your product? Let’s tackle these questions together.

The Design

If the design of the packaging is done carelessly, who’s to say the product itself is not done so either. That is not to say that it has to be over the top — minimalistic designs can be just as attractive. You might decide that your product needs a plain brown cardboard box with a sticker of your logo. If that suits the message of your brand, then it is just fine. But if your product is costly and you want the customers to know they are getting a luxury item you should show it with your packaging. The customer is expecting impressive packaging, and a desultory one will immediately be noticed.


People are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues. And for that reason environmentally friendly packaging is appreciated by a lot more people. If your product has an eco-friendly, it means it is not just another company that is mindless about the impact it is having on the world. It will show that you not only care about money. An eco-friendly packaging will not only benefit the environment in a long-run but also own you a reputation of the socially conscious company. And let’s be honest who does not want that?


The packaging also helps to indicate what kind of product you’ reselling. If you are selling toys for kids, it might not be a great idea to go down the minimalistic route with the packaging. And if you’re selling office supplies, making the box colorful and eye-grabbing packaging might not be the best option either. Packaging should serve a purpose. All of this might sound obvious to you, but such mistakes do happen all the time. Whether they are done intentionally or not, is another question. But even though in some cases the confusion is harmless – most of the time, your customers will realize the mistake before they purchase the product. But there have been more than enough cases of children accidentally drinking cleaning products to assume a misleading packaging might even be dangerous.


It has to also be neat. The example of the cardboard box with a sticker worked because it was simple and clean. That is not to say that your packaging has to be simple. It can be over the top and a complete score to the eyes — in a good way — if that’s what your brand is calling for. But if that’s not the case, then there is no point in the customer having to spend five minutes just unwrapping the product. As customers yourself, you should know that having to clean up a mess after opening a product is never a nice thing.


But maybe you decided to print something on the packaging. Is it the name of the product? Your logo? An unrelated drawing? Whatever it is, it should attract attention but not be too tacky. It should be so that the buyer does not want to throw away the box or bag with the excuse that they’ll reuse it for whoever’s birthday is coming up. Even if they never do, the fact that they have kept it nonetheless is already a success.

So if you’re starting a company or maybe deciding to sell your homemade candles, don’t slack when it comes to the packaging. If you are not a designer yourself, it might be a good idea to hire someone else as it will undoubtedly be a good investment. If you decide to do the latter, then you are in luck because Dubaiprint.com not only has a large variety of packaging but also offers design services to help you customize it.

We have boxes, bags, stickers and any other marketing material you might need. And if you still don’t see anything in particular that you like, then you can contact us for custom-made print requirements.