2020 Jan 10

Your Top 6 Favorite Products of 2019


Last year, we were happy to bring you joy, spicing up your holidays, helping you promote your products, and create the right atmosphere. We have a wide selection of products available on our website, but by far, the following ones have been your favorite.

And we understand why — all those products help you solve your problems. And that’s the purpose of our platform, what we do at Dubaiprint.com.

So, to help you understand your own preferences a little better, we created a run through your favorite products of 2019.

Now, let’s jump right into the list alongside our analysis of why we think they were as popular as they were.

1. Assisted you in decorating the interior


Favorite product of our customers classic canvas leaned agains a wall

Your most favorite products on our website last year has been the Classic Photo Canvas. Using our platform, you’ve ordered pictures of your friends, favorite artworks, and many promotional pieces. You have used them to decorate your offices, living rooms, bedrooms… you name it!

Wondering what makes them so popular with our customers? There are at least a couple of things.

First, they feel like a real canvas and has the power to transform any image into an art piece. It means you can have something that looks like a real oil painted painting without having to commission an artist to paint it. You can see how affordable it is.

The other reason is the quality of our canvases and prints. We put our all in printing to make sure our customers receive flawless prints that look just like the original. The popularity of the product only reflects our dedication to quality.

2. Made adding memorable touches easier


Pop art poster of a boy smoking leaned again white wall

The next one on the list is Top Quality Posters, meant for promotional and occasionally for personal purposes.

Do you want to get to your customers in public spaces or tell the world how much you love the Marvel series? Or maybe, you want to print motivational quotes to encourage your employees? You can create a poster for that.

For all of its good uses, ease of production, and universality, our top-quality posters have also topped this list.

3. Encouraged you to make better business deals

Man handing a high-quality business card to another person

You have also created your Business Cards with our help.

Business cards are used in all kinds of industries, starting from beauty and ending with engineering. It is one of the oldest, classiest, and most timeless marketing promotional materials in the world. No wonder they are still relevant in the digital world.

As if their awesomeness on its own wasn’t enough, at Dubaiprint.com, you have full freedom over its looks. You can choose their patterns, art, thickness, quality of paper, and even its cut.

4. Made it easier for you to immortalize memories


Close up of a photo book placed on a table

You have also used our website to capture memories, the best evidence being the next one of the favorite products on our list  — Hardcover Photo Books.

With a photo book, you get to create your own storybook, turning what was previously a piece of paper into a priceless possession. You can assemble the memories of your childhood, kid’s birthday, or beautiful location into a story and have it on your shelf.

No wonder they are still as popular as they are. In the digitalized world, photo books help us connect with what really matters.

5. Helped you personalize items, products, and furniture


Laptop covered with stickers

The next item on our list is Stickers,  all thanks to their versatility.

They are great for marketing and promotions. With the help of stickers, you can create your company’s own personalized cup, packaging, or folders in a matter of minutes. It is much chipper, time, and energy-efficient then having to spend a large budget on printing custom-made paper cups for just one event.

It is a creative, beloved, and lasting branding solution (not to mention it’s more mundane and decorative uses) that has helped you save money without having to sacrifice quality. Stickers run the world!

6. Made your events more memorable


Couple looking cheerfully through a custom made instagram frame

Last in our list by order but not by the importance — Instagram Frames! It seems like you loved them as much as we do and rightly so. They have a magical power of transforming any event into a viral social media event everyone wants to be a part of.

Used at weddings, corporate parties, office prop, or exhibition stands, they are the perfect way of increasing engagement. Instagram frames are like that cool friend who somehow makes any event more fun.

And on this positive note, we conclude our 2019 popular item list ready to venture into the new decade.

That’s what you loved in 2019


2020 has just begun. With it will come new challenges and new hopes. In that journey through the year, you might need our help, and we will be happy to offer it.

In the new decade, we promise to surprise you with even more interesting products, crazy sales, and exciting announcements. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter to get the best of Dubaiprint.com right to your inbox.

Thank you, and we hope you’ll have a great year!