2020 Jan 20

How to Ignore Distractions and Get More Done in 2020


The new year has just started, and so did new obligations, goals, and commitments. You might want your travel agency to become the best in the area or plan to make the most sales this year, or you might have been thinking about changing your job or career path altogether. While it all is really exciting, it can get a bit overwhelming. A question might pop into your mind — how can I get more done in 2020 and do what I promised myself to do?

For anyone wondering how to get where you want to be, we have two news.

The first one isn’t all that pleasant — there are no cheat codes or easy ways out. You must put in the work and be open-minded and decisive enough to change your life. The good news is, however,  by creating a good routine and developing positive habits, you can reach your goals and keep enthusiastic throughout the process without burning out.

If you want this year to not be like any other, if you want to follow through the commitments you have made, you might find our new article very useful.

So, pick up your pen to write down the simple tips that will help get more done while saving you at least a couple of hours a day, staying on top of your game in 2020.

Get into ‘the flow’


A man making sketches in the state of flow

When doing work, have you ever felt immersed in an activity, losing a sense of time and space, forgetting about the world? If you did, you experienced a state of mind known as flow. It is essential to feeling more productive and efficient. People who work in the state of flow and have learned to achieve it report higher satisfaction with their work and exceptional productivity.

The best part? You can train your brand to experience the state of flow more frequently.

First, pick a personally meaningful task that demands consideration. Then work on it when you are at the energy peak during the day. And create the perfect environment for the flow to prosper. That might mean you would want to get away from distraction, play quiet music, or have no music at all.

That state is like meditation. It requires practice, but once you get it, there will be no going back.

Slay the scariest monster


You might have a crazy to-do list, with thousands of tasks ahead of you, but we are sure that most of the trouble is caused by a few tasks that you dread doing.

If you have found yourself in that situation, go against your intuition and tackle them first. Why? Because that way you will have done the most dreadful an unpleasant job by midnight. Not only you’ll feel more accomplished and successful if you do, but you will also have an entire day to deal with the rest without feeling as stressed about it.

Get in some exercise


A woman exercising while looking at a sunset

While many know about the benefits of exercise on physical health, few are familiar with the benefits it has on your brain.

It can help you improve your mental health and mood, help keep you thinking skills sharp as you age, improve your sleep, and increase your lifespan all together, to mention only a few.

By starting to exist this year, you will fill your year with less stress and more energy. And if you had already picked up the habit a while ago — great job! Keep up the good work.

Have an inspiration around


Visual stimulus helps you focus. Stating that humans are visual creatures will hardly surprise anyone. Sight helps us see, remember, and understand.

If you have big plans for this year, don’t just keep them in your mind or somewhere in the diary. Print them out, look at them, take them in every day, little by little.

When you not only see something but also experience it in all the

Adopt a new planning strategy


A woman creating a bullet journal spread to get things done

It’s time to put your new year gifts to use  — open that notebook you received as a gift this year and use it to set goals and follow through with them. There are thousands of different methods you can use to shine in the new year.

Look up bullet journaling if you are looking for a more elaborate system to help you reach your goals. It takes some time to get in, but once you do, you will love it. It will take a big load off your shoulders, allowing you to care about what’s important.

Repurpose your calendar


If bullet journals and note-taking aren’t for you and just feel tedious to get into, we have an idea.

Instead of starting a new notebook, use something as simple and timeless as a calendar — a digital or physical one, depending on your preferences. If you don’t already use it to log in to your meetings, lectures, and important events, it’s just the right time to start. You will never forget about meetings again or double book your hours.

But did you know you could use the calendar for your to-do lists? It’s actually a great way to have your tasks at sight every time you just want to check your calendar. Simple, practical, and accessible.

Stay away from distractions


A phone trapped in chain to avoid using it as a distraction

It is just what it sounds like — to be more productive this year, try to stay away from social media. Number one consumer of all of our free time because of how accessible it is, social media is also a number reason for feeling anxious and alienated.

So, if you feel you are not engaged in the process and can’t get anything done, it might be social media, eating up your focus.

There are many strategies you can use to make avoiding it a little easier:

Try a special application. There are hundreds of apps you can find online, the sole purpose of which is to help you feel more focused. Our favorite is Forest. Just open the link, you’ll get why right away.

Put away the phone. Or, if that’s not possible,  at least try to make it more time consuming to reach it while you’re working. That way, you will feel less tempted to reach for your device when your mind starts wondering.

Set a time for social media and other entertainment. It can be twice a day, every hour of work, once in a week  — you’re the one to decide. You will be surprised by how much more you can get done within that time.

To get more done focus on the big picture


The truth, the real goal of being more productive this year is staying focused, despite all the hardships and obstacles. So don’t get discouraged if some days you don’t seem as much done as you would want to. You’re not a robot, after all, and a good rest is a part of being productive.

Just remember, reaching your goals and staying motivated is a battle that can be won with patience, one day at a time.